Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: Malacca (27 March 2010)

I have been wanting to visit Malacca as a tourist for quite some time already. Though I am married to a Malaccan, he had never bring me to tour around Malacca. I finally managed to persuade my Sister in Law (SIL) to bring our son and hubby's younger sisters and brother. When hubby saw how excited we were about the trip, at the very last minute, he agreed to join as well.

We met my SIL and her family at one of the PLUS R&R where we had our breakfast. Then, we headed straight to Masjid Tanah first to pick up the younger siblings. I have called my FIL the day before and told him that we are bringing the younger siblings to A Famosa. My FIL thought we are going to the A Famosa Resort. Pity the kids. They were all ready with their spare attire and all.

We reached Malacca town at about noon. We looked around for an Assam Pedas stall or restaurant but could not find any. My husband was already quite pissed as we did not know where to go. So, he called one of his friend and according to his friend, the good one is only opened in the evening.

Frustrated, we just parked our car and head straight to Dataran Pahlawan. We had our lunch at one Nasi Kandar Restaurant there.

After lunch, we walked inside Dataran Pahlawan for a while. Then, we walked to the Taming Sari Tower. They charged RM10 for each adult and RM5 for children. The lady at the ticket counter insisted to see each of our MyKad and insisted that children is only for 11 years and below. I thought it's always 12 years and below in Malaysia. So weird. Even the lady is not friendly. The ride was only for 7 minutes. From above Taming Sari, I noticed one thing. A Famosa is so far from the sea. There seems to be alot of new development near the sea side.

Then we went to the River Cruise. The charge is still RM10 for adult and RM5 for children and children is 12 years and below. Bibik chose not to join us as she said she will get sea sick. The first half of the cruise was breezy and awesome. When the cruise entered the town area, there seems to be no wind anymore and it was very hot. Adam was already restless. The cruise went for about 40 minutes. We could see all the houses by the riverside. They are building walk ways behind the houses. It would be nice to stroll along the river at night.

After the river cruise, we went to the famous A Famosa Fort. As it was such a hot day, we were so tired to climb the fort. So we just take some pictures in front of the fort.

We really enjoyed our trip though I still haven't taste Malacca's famous Assam pedas :)


Anonymous said...

Best tau Melaka. Last time aku pergi pon in March and it is veeery hot! Zara time tu tido sbb letih sgt2. Kesian dia. Pastu tak jd nak bawak dia jalan jauh2 dah. Now should be better dah la kan.. Waiting for your update on Penang trip pulak ;)

mkj243 said...

seronok kat melaka. lama dah tak pergi...why not pergi kuching pulak? :)

Anonymous said...

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