Saturday, June 28, 2008

the problem with the daddy to be~

Lately, I've found out that;

1. I know a lot of people who will / have baby this year
2. Then come out with conclusion that 2008 is the year with most newborn (which is untrue!)
3. Later I will ask them the gender & EDD (expected delivery date)
4. Straightaway I calculate how many baby boys & girls for 2008 (that I known of)
5. And compare who is 'abang', 'kakak' and 'adik'
6. Dejected knowing that I know more baby boy than girl, trying to figure out any known baby girl that my baby can flirt with

And if I meet with others' baby;

7. I will love to know the full name of the baby
8. If the baby is not aggressive, I'll conclude that my baby will bully the baby
9. Else, I will tell myself not to bring my baby to play with that baby

While walking in the public;

10. I noticed there are more babies than adult
11. Stroller is swarming the streets, shopping complex, parks, etc
12. And I will take a peek at the stroller's brand
13. And calculate how much money I have to buy the MacLaren stroller (which costs 4k each!)

And one more thing, baby shops are everywhere kan? Last year takde pun…


mommy kam said...

orang pregnant pun makin ramai kan? dulu jarang jumpa.. nie jalan2 je jumpa org ada baby bump.. they are everywhere... ada pregnant epidemic ke B? :p

Anonymous said...

riki, lu ni gila ke apa?

-lair aka abah sofea-

Zara in Germany said...

hey there

Mama Sofea said...

"And one more thing, baby shops are everywhere kan? Last year takde pun…"

Sebab last year ko tak pandang pun baby shops yg ada... :P

hanie said...

wah wah wah....dun worry, aunty annie nanti yg buli atan!!!=p


- aunty annie = aunty adek..budak kecik susah sebut pjg2, pggl aunty annie or ann je la=p

- pdan muke sape suh tanak name yg saye bagi...kan dah dapat name atan.lalala~

mama aida said...

poooorrr baby...what a problematic daddy u have..