Friday, February 20, 2009

di sinilah tempat kejadian

Today I surf and found this picture with the footer;
Keane: Unhappy at Anfield

IMHO that Keane guy was actually having some problem to control his rectum since he ate too much telur rebus the night before and might end up poisoning his teammates with the gas. But the author of the article is creative enough to use the picture to give another perception. If I'm playing for massive club, hefty paycheck and don't need to play football weekly (it's tiring okay), I will be the happiest person ever unless I have problem with my tummy.

Well the creativity of the author reminds me to the good days of legendary spooky VARIASARI, with the popular 'Siri Bercakap Dengan Jin' by Tamar Jalis and the story was about his datuk encountered every hantu, every place, every day. The best part of VARIASARI is not about the 'Siri Bercakap Dengan Jin' or the sex tips or the stupid jokes they slip in between pages, but the utmost skill they have, relating any picture to any article that they wanted to. And you can even find the picture is recycled for many times!!!

Let me try some too;

"Pasangan suami isteri yang bahagia akan memastikan hubungan kekal romantik"

"Disinilah tempat kejadian kejadian itu berlaku", kata Encik Zaini sambil menunjukkan lokasi botol kicapnya sebelum dicuri

Disinilah tempat berlakunya UFO mendarat di Kampung Pinang Sebatang

That's all for today. It must very though for VARIASARI people each time they relate any picture with their article. I'm tagging Litium and Maoi to do the same, find some picture and try to make up some story for it. Hahaha


angkasa said...

xda tmpt nk jd follower ka?
ltah ya
btw,ur bby cute

Anonymous said...

damn!! apehal kena tag tag lak ni?