Monday, January 24, 2011

monday tralalalaa~

It has been 4 days since I last switched on my laptop. Twitting and FBing through my BB only in the past few days with the hope to stay focus on the spring cleaning. In 4 days I only managed to clean up the store and the dressing room. Owh and sort out my textbooks to be given away. Mission accomplished but masa tengah amik buku and barang2 kat bilik lain, I noticed my room and the reading room also need spring cleaning :( Tak pasal-pasal kena buat phase II pulak lepas nie. Nak buat macam mana, tak reti ajar bibik kemas so kena kemas sendiri lah :( Tapi dah warning bibik, after this, kalau nak masukkan barang dalam store she has to ask for my permission.. heheheh.. kalau tak dia main longgok je semua...

Anyway, last Thursday, I baked another batch of the chocolate chip cookies. Tapi kali ni adalah lebih malas so gentel besar and the cookies jadi chunky. And this time, after masukkan grated chocolate tu, I kept the dough in the fridge for 1 hour and after that baru masukkan chocolate chip and gentel bulat2. The results? Cookies were not as flat as before and the chocolate chips can be seen clearly :)

Tapi, mula mula tu they were crunchy on the outside and chewy in the inside. After a few days dia jadi crunchy throughout. I prefer them kecik kut sbb bila makan tu dia macam crumble in your mouth :) kalau besar ni dia lagi keras. Tapi jimat masa lah sbeab kali ni I just need to bake 2 batches (sebab dah guna 2 tray :p) je compared to before. Maybe nak kena beli lagi 3 cookie trays to optimize the baking time :)

My discussion later this evening is cancelled so adalah tak sabar nak balik to google for bread recipes so boleh go for ingredient hunting esok or lusa :) The other day I saw one bread recipe that has rosemary, Italian spices and peppercorns in it. Sounds and looks yummy but I can't recall where did I found it. Another one that I want to try is caramelized onion bread. Never seen or heard of both breads in my life before.

As I was reorganizing the store, found some of Adam's toys when he was a baby. Seronok dia nak try main semua. Most of the toys are still as good as new. Has already packed them to be sent to Adam's cousin in Terengganu barulah worth every cents bila ramai boleh pakai. Lepas ni adik Adam pulak :) So Adamla yang untung asyik dapat barang baru. Lucky anak/cucu sulung :)

 Adam testing the tummy exercise

This Bebe pod is not safe for Haziq mommy! It can tilt over ;p

Bila post these pictures teringat pulak, a promise I made to someone to do a review on Adam's toys. Maybe I will do it in a short while walaupun dah berkurun giler her request tu :)

Have a great Monday!

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