Monday, January 31, 2011

Review on Adam's stuff - Part 3

Dilemma on which stroller to buy? Sling or carrier? Friends were asking for help in making decision so let me just share my experience..

Mothercare Travel System

I was so tempted to buy Quinny or some other state of the art la konon 3 wheeler strollers and almost get one when suddenly my father gave me a call asking me to pick up my stuffs from Mothercare. Yeap, my father was kind enough to buy us this travel system. Anyway, back to the point, why do I love this travel system? First, you can easily attach the car seat to the stroller. So even if the baby is sleeping you don't have to wake the baby up when you reach your destination. The car seat also works like a bouncer so you can just park your baby on the table while you are having tea.

The stroller only needs one twist to close or open. That means I can handle it with one hand while my other hand is holding the baby. And of course the best part is, the stroller is so roomy that I can fill the stroller with all my shopping bags even with the baby inside it. And when the baby is bigger, he/she might be able to help you push the stroller full of bags just like Adam did.

Mothercare 3-position carrier

When Adam was a baby, I used this carrier a lot especially when we went out for dinner to places that was hard to park a stroller. With your hands free, you can eat or gossip freely. Even when we were out with stroller, I still bring this along because after hours in the stroller, babies tend to be cranky and want to be held. You can either carry him facing you, facing the front or carry him on your back. When Adam was younger, he loves to be carried facing me but when he was bigger, he preferred facing the front as he can see where we were going.

Mothercare Walking Assistant

I bought this Walking Assistant when Adam was about 7 months. By then he can stand on his own and walk sideways while holding tables or chairs. I was in between maid and Adam stayed with my parents in Terengganu so I seldom had the opportunity to use it. I found it helpful as it helps your child to have the confidence to walk and save you from back pain if you hold the baby's hands to help them walk. This is how you hold the walking assistant. Unfortunately I don't have any picture of Adam in it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Kam! Mcm best je baby waling assistant tu. Nnt nakgi cari la ;)

mommy kam said...

welcome :) tula takde la bongkok2 nak tatih diorang kan :) ni namanye barang mengada2 :)