Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Boring Weekend

It's almost the end of the weekend. Sigh~

Saturday was spent watching Junior Masterchef. I cried and cried especially during the last 2 episodes. As I said earlier, the bond between the two sisters is soooo amazing. And all of them are amazing cooks. And the hosts cum judges are even better cooks. Imagine preparing a pasta dish complete with grilled chicken and all in 15 minutes. And they even made the pasta from scratch. If it's me, in 15 minutes, the most I could probably do is prep the chicken, let alone making pasta from scratch!

In the evening, my bother came so we went for tea at Kedai Kopi near Tasik Shah Alam. Actually he wanted to take his notes from my store room but it was too much work as we have to take everything out of the store room first before we could reach his box. My brother loves the cookies too so I gave a small container for him to bring back.

My Saturday night was spent watching Eat Pray Love. I have downloaded it for quite some time but wanted to read the book first and finally last weekend I finished reading the book. The movie was not bad but they missed alot of things in the movie.Well, it definitely took me more than 2 hours to read the book so to be fair, they have to cram everything in the 2 hour (or was it almost 3?) movie. So, I prefer the book than the movie.

This morning, I was up very early for a Sunday but just couldn't go back to sleep. Decided to cook breakfast for hubby n Adam. Initially I wanted to make pancake but hubby does not really like pancake so I decided to make lempeng instead. It's the Malay version of pancake. Much simpler I must say. Just flour, water, a pinch of salt and an egg. I threw in some sliced onions in the dough and it taste good :) As the lempeng is too plain to be eaten on its own, I made sambal sardin to compliment it. Had to make one without chilli for Adam. Happy to see both of them enjoying their breakfast.

Spent the whole day lazing around reading a book my friend lent me. Quite an interesting one as the book was written in the perspective of each of the main characters in the book. How people view things are entirely based on what they want to believe and almost always, people has a good reason for everything they do. Even if it is the wrong thing. So, that sums up my 4th book in 2011 :)

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