Saturday, August 29, 2009

this is a story..

about a little boy who loves to swim! Maybe deep in his heart, he wanted to be a swimmer just like his parents :p
Everytime he's at the dining room, he will definitely try his luck to open the door to the swimming pool.. He hasn't had any luck yet.. But maybe in a couple of months his little fingers will be strong enough to turn the key around..
Anyway, today he had a blast swimming accompanied by his parents... It was almost Iftar tym, so his parents told him it's time to go in.. Well, he can't say much and just abide when his Mommy pulled him out of the pool.. But he just couldn't get his mind off the luke warm water.. So, when his Mommy thought he was being good and follow her, he made a u-turn to the pool hoping his Mommy won't realise him missing :p
This is the boy I was talking about...

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