Monday, September 14, 2009

daddy's birthday present

Hi guys! It's been years since my last post and since I got not much to do in my new office, I decided to write again after the very long pause.

My birthday is on Sept 10, 8 days after Adam's. Last year I got the best birthday present ever, 8 days old Adam Harris
minus his mommy

And for this year, mommy kem bought me a lovely shirt and treat me coffee (which ended up with me paying). Thanks dear! And while having the coffee, I saw a guy with his two sweet daughters, getting into their car with shopping bags. I can't help but to think some good points of shopping with your own daughters;

1. daddy looks younger
2. no nagging
3. no need to carry the shopping bag
4. no time consuming as the girls walk faster than mommy
5. no sakit lutut or sakit pinggang (dunno why it's always happened when shop with the mommy)

So that will be my wish list for next birthday. Nak gegirl!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last night we went for Iftar at Mak's place (hubby's mom). Initially, the plan was for me n my SIL to go and cook there. But it was already late when we reached mak's house so we ended up just helping mak in the kitchen. She cooked really fast and it was yummy! She cooked sambal sotong, asam pedas, sup su'un, sawi goreng and telur dadar in less than an hour.. She didn't even taste it since she was fasting but it turns out perfect. When would I ever be able to cook like that.. I think if it was me who is cooking all the dishes, I need to start cooking at 2pm to be able to get all done before Maghrib.. Sigh~ Maybe next year my resolution should include taking up cooking class :)

After the dinner, me, Yana and Alang played Jenga. It has been ages since I last played Jenga. Used to be very good at it when I played against my siblings ages ago... When Hubby and Angah joined the game, Yana and me just watched the siblings played. It reminds me of the old time when my siblings and I used to play together over games like Jenga, Crocodile Dentist, Happy Family, Old Maid, Monopoly, Shahiba, Snap, UNO, Snakes & Ladder and so much more. It was so much fun back then.. We laughed, we teased, we supported each other and we just enjoyed the companian.

Now that Hafidz and me are already married and Syah and Adik still in Uni, we never had time to play these simple games anymore. Every time we are home, there will always be a good show on TV, or the boys are playing PS2, or some of us are online, or we just simply lazing around... Now that the family has grown bigger with hubby, Salina and Adam, I think it would be fun to start playing the games again and strengthen our bonds while we are at it. So friends, maybe this Raya, while having your lemang and ketupat, you can take out any of the board or card games and play with your family. It might turns your Raya into one of your best Raya ever :)

Will post some of the pics later..

Friday, September 11, 2009

iklan biskut raya

Lupa tempah biskut raya? Tarikh tempahan sudah tamat? Hehehhe.. cheesy x iklan macam nie.. Di sini saya ingin mengumumkan saya masih mempunyai stok biskut raya Elken kepada yang berminat.. Sedap ke tak? Uishhh.. mestila sedap.. with me ada 1 final box besar.. tinggal less than 20 small boxes rasanya.. according to my mom, most of the stockist dah habes stock.. Jadi mari! mari! beli dengan saya :p

Nicely packed in a box sesuai untuk dijadikan hadiah kepada mertua dan sanak saudara di hari raya.. setiap kotak ada 40 keping biskut... 20 keping perisa raspberry dan 20 keping perisa blueberry.. The biscuits pulak are packed in a small packet with 2 pisces of biscuits in each small packet.. jadi senangla nak makan x masuk angin :p

Biskut ni rasa dia ada macam butter cookies sket and dia letak oats jugak jadi sangat sedap dan berkhasiat :p saya adalah sangat susah untuk berhenti apabila mula memakannya :) seriyes.. x tipu..

Satu kotak cuma berharga RM21. Oh, produk ini adalah halal ye.. jadi jangan bimbang :p

Di bawah ini adalah gambar dia.. blur sket sebab saya amik guna camera phone aje..

Nielah rupa kotaknya...

Nie rupa kat dalam dia.. Ada satu plastik and ada small packs of 2 pcs biscuits each.. Yang sebelah tu kurma.. dah abes ye puan -puan..

Kat dalam dia ada biskut nie.. Nie comparison size dia dengan duit RM1.. Agak besar biskut ni compared to yang biasa kita tengok orang jual..

Sekian sahaja iklan untuk kali ini.. Maaf ye bahasa saya tunggang langgang. X reti nak buat iklan sebenarnya.. heheheh... Jika berminat, sila tinggalkan mesej di ruangan komen atau email saya. Sikit aje lagi nie.. cepat!! cepat!! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

happy birthday hubby!

Hubby turns 28 today. Happy birthday dear..

I only bought these two slices of cake from Secret Recipe. There were only the two of us and hubby is not much of a cake person. So I might ended up gobbling the two slices. Huhuhuh... Anyway, wishing hubby a very happy year and may Allah bless him with good health and rezeki... Love you dear..
On another note, we are going to pick up my car from the workshop this morning. There goes my duit raya budget. Huhuhuhu... Junior (my car) failed on me on Tuesday when I was at the laundrette. Had to wait for half an hour for the Allianz auto care came to jump start the battery only to be told that there was a loud noise coming from the car and it needs to be towed to the workshop. Yesterday the mechanic called and told me main touli (how do I spell this? malas nak google) broke and need to be changed. So does my battery. And the car needs to be serviced as well. Huhuhuh... Sometimes I felt like I just wanna sell the car and get a new one. But there is only one year left for the HP payment. After that, I'll be free of car loan and I plan to stay that way for at least a year before considering a new car... RM743 out of the cash flow every month is alot of money.. I can do alot of things with it.. :)
We had this for sahur this morning and also the day before. I ate it with toast. Thanks to my SIL :p Her family lives in Kuala Selangor - the land of seafood.. The prawn was so fresh and big! Lain kali hantar la lagi Yana.. :)
I am going to start a new countdown - 3 working days to go untill the BIG day.. Yeayyy!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a little bit of everything


Had a very high fever and severe headache for a couple of days recently.. The headache didn't go away even after I took ponstant. It was really terrible. I was vomitting every time I was awake and didn't feel like eating anything at all though I was not fasting. Scared of the epidemic, I went to the doctor again and was referred to SMC. I was admitted as I looked like I can't even walk or sit at all. I was dehydrated as well. The nurses took my blood sample and later found I was negative for both viral and dengue. Alhamdulillah.. Though the fever was already gone, the headache was still there. So I was sent for an MRI scan.. Alhamdulillah everything was OK.. Then what the hell is wrong with my head? With all the tests cleared, Dr Hamidah became Dr House and tried prescribing a migraine pill for me and it works! Though the headache wasn't completely gone but it has reduced to a certain level where I can tolerate noise again.. The first few days I can't even stand listening to Adam crying in the background when I was talking to my mom on the phone.. Bingit sangat rasa.. After 3 days and 2 nights in the hospital, I was discharged and was given MC till Tuesday. Yippee!!!
Nyway, the Single Standard room were fully occupied so I upgraded for a better room for only RM10.50 per night. Yeay!! Here are some pics of the room.. Nice ain't  it? :)
Iftar with my dormates
We had an Iftar at Ole-ole Bali at Sunway Pyramid. The food was ok but the companions were great! Though some could not make it, spending tym with Phylla, Rabby and Shikin was enough to bring me back to the happy schooling time. Not that I am saying I am not happy now. But it was a different kind of happy. Shikin came with Jay and Imran. Imran was sooooo adorable and very active. He ran here and there without tired. Made me scared thinking of how Adam would be when he is 3.. Nyway, here is the pic.. Imran really loves it when I carried him like that. He even came to me and asked to be carried again after that.. What a cheeky boy he is..
What to Expect the series
When I was pregnant, I was introudced to the first book in the series, What to Expect When You Are Expecting. I really love it! It explained everything really well. They must be mothers themselves :) After giving birth to Adam, I continued with What to Expect the First Year. It was a really good buy. I referred to it more than I refer to my mom - which irritates her of course :) It has everything from what you should expect from the child, what to feed them, how much to feed them and all kind of symptoms that usually alarms first time mothers like me though it was actually harmless.. And now that Adam is already a toddler, I have upgraded myself to What to Expect the Toddler Years.
This book has been my companion since and maybe will stay that way untill Adam is 3 or until when I can call myself an experience mother :) So guys, if you need to buy something for a friend who's expecting or had just delivered a baby, the books in the series would be a very great gift. Even the price is not bad.. If I am not mistaken, it only costs RM44 each which is cheap if you compared to other books and worth every single sen compared to all other nonsense presents. And of course, one must love to read coz the book is quite thick and might scare away some non-reader.. Anyhoo, have a great day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Adam Harris

Hey my lil'one,
You are ONE today,
Sorry Mommy and Daddy couldn't be there with you,
to celeberate the day God sent you to us..

Hey my lil'one,
This one year had been a blast,
Your cute antics has been the source of our joy,
Your toothless grin has cured our tiring day..
Hey my lil'one,
In this one year,
You have shown us the strong character that you are,
Making sure you get what you want,
And never been forced to do things againts your wish..

Hey my lil'one,
Sorry that some part of the year,
We had to leave you at Nanny's,
Coz that seems the best place for you to be,
This does not mean we do not love you,
Instead this is how much we love you,
We'd rather be apart from you,
Then let you be in an unhealthy environment..

Hey my lil'one,
I wish you all the happiness in the world,
I wish you will get all the nicest things in the world,
I wish you will be able to fulfill your dreams,
and I wish you live your life to the fullest..

Coz my lil'one,
We only want the best for you,
Coz you are our darling son,
Happy first birthday..
Mommy and Daddy love you..

One hour old Adam

One day old Adam

One Month Old Adam

Two months old Adam

Three months old Adam

Four months old Adam

Five months old Adam

Six months old Adam

Seven months old Adam

Eight months old Adam

Nine months old Adam

Ten months old Adam
Eleven months old Adam

One year old Adam