Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Adam Harris

Hey my lil'one,
You are ONE today,
Sorry Mommy and Daddy couldn't be there with you,
to celeberate the day God sent you to us..

Hey my lil'one,
This one year had been a blast,
Your cute antics has been the source of our joy,
Your toothless grin has cured our tiring day..
Hey my lil'one,
In this one year,
You have shown us the strong character that you are,
Making sure you get what you want,
And never been forced to do things againts your wish..

Hey my lil'one,
Sorry that some part of the year,
We had to leave you at Nanny's,
Coz that seems the best place for you to be,
This does not mean we do not love you,
Instead this is how much we love you,
We'd rather be apart from you,
Then let you be in an unhealthy environment..

Hey my lil'one,
I wish you all the happiness in the world,
I wish you will get all the nicest things in the world,
I wish you will be able to fulfill your dreams,
and I wish you live your life to the fullest..

Coz my lil'one,
We only want the best for you,
Coz you are our darling son,
Happy first birthday..
Mommy and Daddy love you..

One hour old Adam

One day old Adam

One Month Old Adam

Two months old Adam

Three months old Adam

Four months old Adam

Five months old Adam

Six months old Adam

Seven months old Adam

Eight months old Adam

Nine months old Adam

Ten months old Adam
Eleven months old Adam

One year old Adam


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Adam! :D

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dear adam.. mmuahhss.. ;)

mommy kam said...

Thanx Nette and Ajue!!! Kisses to Zara and Aylham.. They are going to be 1 soon too!

Ajue, lepas raya aku duk umah je kat sec 7.. dekat sgt dgn umah PIL kau.. meh playdate meh...

shikin m said...

sangat2 la muke ko kem!!
bile la imran nk jumpa adam?? kite tgk sape yg paling gedebe....;p

mommy kam said...

mesti ah imran hebat lagi da besar dah.. Ehehehe.. Adam mesti nak ikut imran je.. Dia suka boys.. Kalau babies dia buat muka garang pastu marah.. Hehehehe..