Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We are looking for a trustworthy, reliable, friendly, accommodating and cheap maid agency that can find us hardworking, trustworthy, soft spoken, good with baby and reliable maid. Haha! Hard to find? Well, basically we are looking for a maid that is good with baby. Anyone wants to recommend your agent?

Friday, January 23, 2009

a sad day :'(

At 4.58am this morning, Adam refused to be fed directly from my br**st. I felt so sad. Dahla I could only see him on weekends and br**stfeeding is the only way for me to bond with him and tell him that I am his mommy :'( Maybe he merajuk with me coz last weekend I kept on trying to clear his nose with the nasal aspirator. Am gonna try again after work today. Hopefully he won't refuse anymore..

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I hate it when people give me an assignment on the 11th hour.. They sat on it for a week and then today, after lunch, they gave us a call asking us to prepare an ITS to be sent to customer before CNY. Helloooo! Tomorrow is the last working day before CNY so that means I have to get it out by today. Do you think the ITS is a pre-prepared ITS which I can just put in Customer name and print? Urghh.. Another thing about doing things last minute is that we do not have time to actually look through it to check on all the punctuation and grammatical errors, which my boss is very allergic to. She would scream on each and every single mistake and will talk about it for at least 2 team meetings. These people really spoiled my holiday mood. ~Sigh~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i love my hubby!

posting from my new e71! Early bday present from hubby! I love u! Mmmmmuaahhhh!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A little prayer to our Palestenian brothers and sisters

Yesterday I shed my tears after I saw the first picture in Utusan Online. This morning I cried again upon seeing the second picture in Utusan Online. But just now when I read the article below, I am angry. I really feel for our fellow brothers and sisters in Palestine. I feel so helpless for not being able to do anything to stop this madness. Whatever reason the Israelis give, I cannot see the logic behind killing the civilians especially the helpless women and children. Don't they have child of their own? What kind of people could kill children? They must be cold blooded to be able to bomb houses and schools. I can't imagine how the parents of the kids will be able to cope with their deaths. Imagine you wake up in the morning, bathe your child, put them in their freshly washed jackets and sweaters so they won't be cold when they play outside, feed them breakfast, laugh to their jokes or actions, to find them a couple of hours later lifeless and covered with blood.

Ya Allah, please save the innocent lives in Palestine from the hands of the evil Israelis.

Israel terus membedil, sekolah sasaran terbaru
07/01/2009 12:38pm
BANDAR GAZA 7 Jan. – Tentera Israel terus membedil kubu pertahanan Hamas di Gaza mengakibatkan jumlah kematian rakyat Palestin meningkat 660 orang setakat ini.
Terbaru semalam, serangan tentera rejim Zionis ke atas sekolah Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) menyaksikan sekurang-kurangnya 48 lagi terkorban.
Setiausaha PBB, Ban Ki-moon menyifatkan serangan ke atas sekolah sebagai perbuatan paling biadab.
Majlis Keselamatan PBB kini berbincang dengan Presiden Mesir, Hosni Mubarak di New York bagi memastikan serangan itu dihentikan segera.
Menurut pasukan perubatan, serangan berterusan itu telah membunuh dan mencederakan ramai rakyat Palestin di Zeitun, pinggir bandar Gaza, di mana tentera Yahudi menerima tentangan hebat daripada pejuang Hamas.
Serangan di Zeitun semakin sengit, manakala Khan Yunis dan Rafah di selatan bandar berkenaan terus dihujani dengan bedilan udara. – AFP

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Harris 4 months old

Hi to all baby girls out there!!!
It's me Harris again, with new 2009 pics. I'm 4 months old and growing more handsome everyday. Wanna put my pic as your desktop wallpaper?
Sure I don't mind. ;P
Pick any or both of these...

p/s to Annie : don't forget my prezzie! mish u... so much...