Thursday, July 31, 2008

~saying a little prayer for daddy~

Hubby just called. He's on his way to sit for his two final CCNP papers. Wish you well dear.. Baby and me have full faith in you!

Here's a good luck charm for you ;p

Four Leaf Clover Glittering Comments from

Update: Hubby took only 1 paper and he passed! So another 1 before he is a Cisco Certified Network Professional :p Make us proud dear :)

~ what a day ~

After work I rushed to Klinik Nik Suzet in Shah Alam to get the second Tetanus jab. After waiting for about half an hour, my name was called to see the doctor. I told her that she asked me to come and see her at the end of July to get my second jab. She checked my record and screamed OMG! You are supposed to come and see me at the end of June not July dear.. Oh my! She said tomorrow I will be 36 weeks so it is too late to continue with the jab. She asked me not to worry and just pray for the best. Huhuhuhu.. I have yet to google on the consequences of missing the Tetanus jab. Hmm.. should I worry?

Right after I got out from the clinic, hubby called and asked me to buy iced Milo for him. He was already on the way back to our Shah Alam home. I told him I was about to go to Giant right away so he was a bit merajuk and told me he'll get his own Milo then.. I said OK and went into the car. When I started the engine, the alarm went off! Must be the battery again. So had to call hubby to rescue me.. Luckily he was just nearby and had already bought the new battery on his way.. hmm.. akibat derhaka agaknye nie... huhuuh.. the next time hubby asked me to buy Milo, I definitely won't say No anymore!

Introducing my hubby the superhero :p

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby stuff is almost complete :p

Woke up early this morning to wash all of baby's clothes, towels, bed sheet etc. Had to start packing the hospital bag as I am now in my 36th week and according to my gynea, the baby might come out around mid of august. I had prepared and bought almost all of the things. Enjoyed myself ripping off the plastic bags and pulling off the tags from the baby stuff. Can't wait for baby to come and wear all these!

My dad came to KL today to attend one of our relative's wedding. I was on my way home when he called me and asked me to pick the stuff he bought me at Mothercare KLCC. Yipppeeeee! These are the things that daddy bought me. I love my daddy!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's gonna be a looong day..

Received this from my boss this afternoon.. As I told you before, things has been kinda hectic in the office these few weeks. Wonder which account is the culprit now. Huhuhhu.. Need to sleep now. Will update more later.. Nyte!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Junior was hit :(

I forgot to blog about my dear Junior who got hit last weekend. Last Friday night, the parking was full. So, Junior had to sleep outside. We only realized that Junior was hurt the next day when Hubby wanted repark Junior inside the Condo compound replacing Abang Besar. One of the guard saw the incident and took the guy's number. We haven't called the guy yet. Maybe this Saturday afer sending Junior to the clinic we could call the guy and see who was the culprit that hit my Junior.

P/s: Junior is my car and Abang Besar is hubby's car :p

~what we did last weekend~

Had been very busy at work these couple of weeks. The late nights had started to take its toll on me. Woke up today feeling sore all over my body and to make things worse, there is no water! Urgh.. there has been problem with the water tank these few days.. So, decided to stay at home and get some rest. Not much of rest though coz my boss just called asking about this one paper i haven't submit yet. :(

Anyway, last weekend was really great! Here it goes:

Fun @ Zoo!

Last Friday night, Hubby and me went to Shah Alam to pick up our adopted children for the weekend, Kimi and Aisha. My company organized a family day at the Zoo Negara. It will be such a bore if I were to go with Hubby only. So decided to adopt my cousin's children for the event :p

We had to wake up very early in the morning as the event was supposed to start at 8.30! This was when we realized there was no water! Luckily there was a bucket of water in the kicthen enough for us to freshen up.

The Fun started with the aerobics session. However, Aisha was still feeling shy and just stood there while the rest were enjoying themselves. The highlight of the day for the kids was the kids telematch! Kimi played all the games and won quite a number of prezzies. Aisha also had her share of games. Pity Hubby though coz he could not join the adult telematch as it seemed to be conquered by the staff only. Though we had fun cheering for the kids, I think the event management company is very lousy. Among the stupid games they organized for the kids were for the kids to push a tennis ball around a line of skittles using a hockey stick and for the kids to run to the other end while holding a marble on a chopstick! Oh, come on! the hockey stick are even taller than some of the kids. As for the adult telematch, it was more like booth games. My colleagues who went to last year's family day at Sunway Lagoon said this year's Fun @ Zoo is not as much fun as last year.

Anyway, glad that the kids enjoyed themselves. Hubby was a such a dear he gave a miss to the refloxology session to accompany the kids to the magic show, bouncing castle and hand painting while I had my rest. I guess he is ready to be a doting father to our baby :p

Before we go back, my Hubby surprised me with this cute tiger! Isn't he the sweetest? :p

Srikandi 948 10 years reunion

I can't believe it has been 10 years since we left Desa Tun. The place we called home for 5 years of our adolescent years. The place that thought us the meaning of independence, friendship, sisterhood bond and sharing. To most of us, it was also the place we learned more about life in general like being a leader, living in a community, live by the rule etc.

Though only 41 turned up from our batch of 150, it was great to hang out with the girls reminiscing about our innocent years in Desa Tun and gossipping about others :p

Most of the girls are doing well career wise with quite a number are doctors now. Some chose to stay at home to raise their family. How I envy these girls :p

It was a fun night after all. Wish we could do this more often.

p/s: More pictures at my fotopages.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

daddy's new caaakkkkk

will you ever imagine you play with somebody else tummy and "caaakkkkkk..." to that round thing.

then u hide and 'cak' that tummy again? put your face next to it and hoping to get kicked.

now its the time even a small movement seems adorable.
there will be some day when I pray the child to stay still, "duduk diam diam!" *muka garang*

I just cant wait for the real 'cakk'.

Monday, July 7, 2008

a little update on...

... baby shopping

It's the Mega Sales!! Went to Sogo's child department for the first time today. I was so amazed with the wide selections they have there. From the cheapest thing to the most chic and expensive item, you name it and they will have it.. Managed to get most of the small things already. What is left to buy now are the bigger (and expensive of course) things and the not-so-urgent things:

1. Car Seat
2. Stroller
3. Baby Cot/Playpen (could not decide on which to buy yet)
4. Baby Carrier
5. Mattress + pillow + crib set for #3
6. Thermal Bag
7. Cooler Bag
8. Bouncing Cradle
9. Baby bath thermometer
10. Bath sponge
11. Baby binder

Any sponsor? :p

... my best friend's wedding

My dearest friend, Dinna Geraldine Ramlan got married to Mohd Redzuan Abdul Rahman last 4th of July. It was such a beautiful and joyous ceremony. Dinna was one of my closest buddy in my first year in Desa Tun. Wish her and Duan a very happy life together :)

... my baby bump

I am now in my 33rd week and my tummy looks like it's gonna explode anytime! :p What worries me now is that my weight does not seem to increase much since I last saw my Gynea last week. With the doctor telling me I might deliver early in August and my mom saying that your weight is going to reduce slightly when it's time to deliver, I am scared! I can't wait to see our baby but the tohught of the delivery really scares me.. huhuhuhuhu....

... made of honour turned hulk

After a stroll at Tasik Shah Alam, hubby and me decided to catch a movie at Bukit Raja. We reached there at about 9pm so we headed straight to the TGV to buy the ticket. The most logical choice with our timing was Made of Honour that was showing at 9.50pm. Great! We thought. So we can have our dinner first and would be just in time to watch the movie. I rushed my dinner and did not really enjoy the yummylicous Chocolate Mud Pie with Ice Cream :( We reached TGV at 9.53pm. Hubby showed our ticket to the cinema boy and he brought us to the hall. Upon reaching the hall, I felt a bit weird coz he asked us to sit at the back seat instead of our designated seat. Anyway, we were so happy that the show has not started and they were showing some trailer to a movie. Minutes passed by and it was already 10pm yet the trailer hasn't stopped. Then only we realised we were in the wrong hall! Urghh.. But hubby did not want to go out. He said any show is fine since many good shows are showing. Maybe we are watching Wanted :p After another 5 minutes only we realised it was Incredible Hulk. I was so dissappointed coz I had already set my mind to watch a romantic commedy but had to endure watching fast action movie instead :( After 1.5 hours, the show ended. That means we were half an hour late! We should have get out when we first realized that we are not at the right cinema.. sighh~~

... my new diaper bag!

My parents just got back from attending my brother's convocation and they bought me this diaper bag! I love it sooooooo much! I had been looking around for a nice diaper bag and to my dissappointment, most of the diaper bags sold in Malaysia are with cartoon print on it and they looked so ugly :( I found one that I like in but they do not ship to Malaysia. So thanks Ibu and Abah for this beautiful bag. Love you! xoxo!