Thursday, July 24, 2008

Junior was hit :(

I forgot to blog about my dear Junior who got hit last weekend. Last Friday night, the parking was full. So, Junior had to sleep outside. We only realized that Junior was hurt the next day when Hubby wanted repark Junior inside the Condo compound replacing Abang Besar. One of the guard saw the incident and took the guy's number. We haven't called the guy yet. Maybe this Saturday afer sending Junior to the clinic we could call the guy and see who was the culprit that hit my Junior.

P/s: Junior is my car and Abang Besar is hubby's car :p


ms ja said...

hahahhha nama keta riki takleh blah gegilaaaaaaaa :p

mommy kam said...

jar: actually Abang Besar came from the word Taikor = Big Brother. Boringla tapi sebut taikor so sajela nak melayukan sket jadi abang besar.. hahahah!

~ Kam in defensive mode sbb i yg bg nama :p ~