Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End of first quarter

On my resolutions..
  • Just finished the first quarter of Project 365.. Thanks to all who made this a reality :)
  • So, far I managed to fast for 26 days.. another 15 days to go..
  • Managed to finish a book this month.. hope to be able to maintain this next month..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

balik kampung tanam jagung

Till today I don't understand the phrase "balik kampung tanam jagung". Is it the same with "balik kampung tanam anggur"? I know the latter means jobless because anggur rhymes with menganggur..

Anyway, my post has nothing to do with the phrase.. It's about our corn plants (or is it corn trees?)! A couple of months back, I bought a packet of corn seed and red spinach seed each at Giant. I just asked my maid to plant the seed at our back yard. I did not even buy any fertilizer whatsoever. Just let it be and here's the results..

And today, when I checked the plant/tree, there were 5 baby corn!!!!

Baby corn #1

Baby Corn #2, #3 and #4

Baby corn #5
Oh, and did I tell you how fast they grow?

This pic was taken on 19 Feb 2010

And this is the picture of the same tree today, 21 March 2010

Can't wait for the time to harvest the corns! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010


kemalasan menyebabkan saya x berblog sepanjang february.. tapi saya masih rajin melawat blog2 kawan2.. juga rajin berfb.. cuma saya malas nak menulis walaupun banyak yang boleh ditulis jika saya rajin.. sekian..

On my resolutions..
  • Project Adam 365 is still on track.. 2 months down.. 10 months to go..
  • So far I managed to fast for 15 days.. another 26 days to go..
  • On reading, satu buku pun x habes bulan ni. FAIL.