Friday, December 30, 2011

make it BIG!!

First time Adam uttered this word, we couldn't really understand him.. He was asking his daddy to add more Dhal for his roti canai..
Adam: MakeA big daddy..
Daddy: Huh?
Adam: MakeA BIG! MakeA BIG! MakeA BIG!
Daddy: What?
Mommy: Can you say nicely Adam?
Adam: MakeA big please daddy.. do NOT makeA small...
Mommy & Daddy: oooo nak banyak... :)

After a few times he now knows to say it properly.. The other day, we were having dinner with my parents and brother. Adam asked his daddy to pour some more Tomato Sauce for his Cheese Wanton but he was pointing to the chilli sauce bottle..

Adam: Tomato please Daddy.. (while pointing to the chilli sauce bottle)
Daddy: No Adam, that's chilli.. this is tomato sauce (pointing at the tomato sauce bottle)
Adam: Noo!!!!! This ONE!!! THIS ONE!!!!

My Dad, brother, me, my mom, everybody tried to tell Adam the bottle he was referring to was chilli sauce.. But Adam being Adam, refused to listen and feels he is right. So, daddy poured the chilli sauce..

Adam: Make it bigger Daddy.. Make it BIGGER!
Daddy: this is enough..
Adam: Make it BIGGER! do not make it small...
Dadday: Whateva.. (and poured some more)

Adam happily dipped his wanton into the sauce and took a bite..
Adam: Air! Air! (Drink it then look at mommy)

Adam: Mommy, that's chilli pidas! (pointing to the chilli sauce bottle)
Mommy: Aku pulak kena sekolah ngan dia.. haishhhh...

Friday, December 23, 2011

mine and yours

I think Adam understands how to use the " 's, mine and yours"to show belonging. But the application is rather, weird. Funny weird :)

Scenario 1
While trying to pull his pillow from me..
Adam: That's Adam's pillow!
Me: still holding it tight..
Adam: It's mine!
Me: No! It's mine!
Adam: It's mine!

Ok this could go on and on but basically he knows how to apply it.. but let's look at this other scenario..

Scenario 2
I was holding my phone and he was trying to take it from me..
Me: It's my phone!
Adam: It's yours! (But still trying to snatch it)
Me: It's mine!
Adam: It's yours!
Me: It's mine!
Adam: It's yours! (Finally he managed to get it and I tried to get it back from him)
Me: It's mine! (Konon-konon wants to take it from him)
Adam: It's yours! (while looking for youtube icon and turned away so I cannot get the phone back)
Me: It's mine!
Adam: It's yours!

Ok, how do u explain that? :)

Cheeky Adam @ Pantai Batu Buruk - miss him so much!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yang dicita-cita sudah tiba :)

Morphy Richards Electric Pressure Cooker

Been waiting for this for quite some time and finally received it last week.. Happy!!! Tapi.... gatal sangat beli eletric pressure cooker konon canggih sket la kann nak masak sup tulang tapiiiii x reti guna.. hampeh.. so anyone nak main masak-masak with me? jom kita buat eksperimen masak sup tulang then kita makan dengan homemade bread :)