Friday, December 23, 2011

mine and yours

I think Adam understands how to use the " 's, mine and yours"to show belonging. But the application is rather, weird. Funny weird :)

Scenario 1
While trying to pull his pillow from me..
Adam: That's Adam's pillow!
Me: still holding it tight..
Adam: It's mine!
Me: No! It's mine!
Adam: It's mine!

Ok this could go on and on but basically he knows how to apply it.. but let's look at this other scenario..

Scenario 2
I was holding my phone and he was trying to take it from me..
Me: It's my phone!
Adam: It's yours! (But still trying to snatch it)
Me: It's mine!
Adam: It's yours!
Me: It's mine!
Adam: It's yours! (Finally he managed to get it and I tried to get it back from him)
Me: It's mine! (Konon-konon wants to take it from him)
Adam: It's yours! (while looking for youtube icon and turned away so I cannot get the phone back)
Me: It's mine!
Adam: It's yours!

Ok, how do u explain that? :)

Cheeky Adam @ Pantai Batu Buruk - miss him so much!