Friday, January 15, 2010


I followed my friends to Atria for lunch. Was not feeling well so opted for KFC. I don't know why but when I am sick, I always crave for Zinger burger.

I was told they only have Zinger Tower burger. Thinking that it would be the same yummy Zinger burger with some extra piece of chicken I said OK. Then my friend told me they added a piece of hashbrown to make it a tower. OK, I can still accept that. So I just ate the bottom half first (the hash brown, cheese n bun), saving the best for last. To my horror, it tasted totally different!

It's a little sweet to my liking. I just don't like it. This is what I get from Sun2Surf.

"The new KFX Zinger Tower burger brings a new twist to the classic Zinger with its juicy Hot & Spicy chicken fillet topped with hash brown, cheese, lettuce and laced with zesty chilli lime sauce - tucked between a warm Kaiser bun."
The sauce is just, urrgghhh.. Why oh why did you take away my  Zinger and gave me this yucky thing instead.. The taste of the lime sauce still lingers in my mouth.. urrghhh.. I read somewhere that the promotion is for 2 months only. Dear Colonel Sanders, please return my favourite Zinger burger!


Anonymous said...

oh my. teruk eh sauce dia. haha.. i think kfc certain outlet mmg crappy. so kena choose certain outlet yg ok je huhu.. last time pergi makan twister kat kfc queensbay, rasa mcm kunyah kayu. they overcooked the chicked. geram!

missfila said...

major dissapointment kan? aku br mkn kelmarin and was shocked they use hashbrown (yg rase mcm kertas) instead of chicken. tak Zinger Tower langsung! and part sauce tu pon same i agree, like "ape yg kfc nk buktikan ni actually?"

at last ade org yg berstuju ngan aku pasal Zinger Tower ni, thanks kem u make my day =)

mommy kam said...

nette, aku tataula kalau ada orang suka.. tapi x kena langsunglah.. imagine thai sauce kan manis kan.. tapi ada rasa lime pulak..

sangatla fila! aku dahla suka zinger.. jadi mcm tu pulak.. kfc ni memamng.. kalau dia kuar product baru, dia selamba je replace existing product yg mmg dah ada fan cthnye mcm tomyam chicken ke apa tu ganti hot n spicy.. x sedap langsung.. huhh.. n the chicken wings hari tu pun... jauh beza dgn pizza hut nye chicken wing.. ape punya strategy la diorang pakai nie..

Anonymous said...

so true.. kfc ni klu ade food br mesti x syok.. aritu try mkn nugget shrimp yg love tu, lgsg x sdp.. rase dia potong stim betul.. haish..