Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dinner @ Za's crib

We lost contact for quite some time. Out of the blue, a couple of days ago she added me in FB. I was so happy to chat with her. Za is now married and is a mother of a 5 months pretty little baby. So, last night, my family and I went to her house in Bandar Bukit Raja.

Za was nice enough to make us dinner complete with appetizer and dessert.. Her masak lemak ketam was marvellous! I love her caramel pudding too. We ate and we gossip all night long.

Our husbands also click instantly. Yeay!! This means more session with Za and family in the future :p

This is a picture of us together.

When we were younger and I was much thinner, many people thought we were twins. I don't think so but that's what we always get. Do you think so? Here is a picture of us during my wedding...


Anonymous said...

Mmg seronok jumpa member lama kan. hehe.. Jom la dtg Penang pulak ;) bawak Adam jenjalan hehe

mommy kam said...

besnya pg penang.. menarek nih.. nanti aku usulkan pada encik riki.. kau kena la bawak kitorang makan kat tempat bes2.. hehehe.. penang kan food heaven :)