Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twenties Girl

Have you read Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella?

I had just finished reading it and I love it! Her last few books was quite boring so that's why I was not very keen to read this book before.

My sister recommended it and she was right when she said the book was damn funny! The characters were well described and she told the story so well it made the story came to live. I can actually feel what the character was feeling along the way. I really really really love it..

The book made me think of what was my grandmother thinking when she saw the grandchildren wearing kebaya nyonya and all. Did we reminds her of her young self? And how is she feeling now? Does she feels like it is still the 20s when she was still very energetic and full of life? I wish I know! And how would I feel when I am that old?! I wonder..

When I told my sister that I kept imagine Jennifer Aniston as Lara and amazingly, she said she thought the same!

As for Ed, this smiley face came to mind :p

It's Denny the ghost from Grey's Anatomy or his real name, Jeffery Dean Morgan (which I just found out when I googled his pic just now ;p)!

However, if they ever film this book, I might not want to watch it. It will just spoil the lovely image I had in my head just like what they did to Confessions of a Shoppaholic. It's all ruined now. Anyway, whoever wants to read the book, I can email it to you :p


annie said...

oh, eva lorongia pun buleh jugak.die blekon cite over her dead body cam lebeh kurang je ngan cite nih.hahaha

mommy kam said...

eva longoria jadi hantu tu! Hahhaahahah! Bessss!

ninie said...

i've read it n cant stand to finish's too typical of kinsella.u can predict how it ends.

Anonymous said...

kam, nak one copy pls! Thanks in advance.

i haven't read a book from kinsella yet. just started to read recently though. :p haha

mommy kam said...

ninie, it's her style i guess.. tapi aku suka this one.. sbb macam bagi different perspective.. yang shoppaholic series yang akhir2 tu mmg agak boringla..

nette, u should read this one kelakar bangang gak ah ;p who knows one kinsella is going to write more and in future zara pun baca so u can say "aaah.. i used to read her book when i was ur age ;p"