Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A little updates on Adam..

1. Adam can crawl!

Heheheh.. tipu je :p Last weekend Adam raised his butt to be on the crawling position. He was still learning to balance his body weight on his hands and knees. But according to Adik, he can already raised one hand while in the crawling position. Yeay!! Being adventurous Adam, he took things a little too far and raised his other hand as well and gedebuk he fell :D I wish I could see it! Don't crawl yet Adam! Wait till Mommy come home this weekend k :p

2. Adam can swim!

Assisted of course :p Adam really enjoys it each time we bring him to the pool. Can't wait for Adam to be big enough to take swimming lesson and can challenge Mommy and Daddy in the pool :D

3. Adam is vain..

Adam really enjoys his reflection in the mirror. He will make cute faces, smiles and take out his tongue whenever there is a mirror in front of him.. :) I'm fine with it coz it makes it much easier for me to wash his poo poo or shampoo his head as there is a huge mirror in front of the sink in the bathroom :D


Nana Azman said...

vain itu tidak mengejutkan.mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi dagang

mommy kam said...

hhahhaha! kuah daddy la tu...

Huzairiyah Hussin said...

Thomel Thangat Thuuuuu!!

daddy riki said...

father's DNA la eh?