Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello 2012!

A little too late? Better late than never right? Just wanna share my wishlist for now. To be specific, my kitchen helpers wishlist. Will start saving for the funds. As some of them are quite pricey, will segregate them as my target for 2012 and 2013. Hope the investment will last 30 years like they said in the reviews :)


1. DeLonghi Icona 4 Slices Toaster in Scarlet Red 

Nice right? Why do I need this? Well, hubby likes his waffle crispy but the waffle I made is only crispy when we eat it right away. Our toaster only has thin slot and could not fit the waffle. And, it's a beaut right? :)

2. Kenwood FP920 3L Multi Pro Food Processor

If I have this, I won't need my maid :)


1. kMix Stripes Firecracker

So cute right? I already have a small mixer and is still in good condition so I am not in a rush to have this. But it is just sooo cute right? From the online reviews, most people or their mothers use their mixer for 30 years! So I guess it's okay to splurge a bit as it is a looong time investment. Right? :)

2. kMix Meat Grinder Attachment

So I can make my own sausage!

3. kMix Pasta Extruder Attachment

We have been making our own noodle and spaghetti. With this, life would be much much much easier!

Wish me luck!!