Saturday, August 14, 2010

what's for dinner?

So what's for dinner? Baru masak 3 hari dah kecoh x tau nak masak apa :) Tapi selalu macam ni la kalau bulan puasa (kalau ganti puasa pun macam ni gak) macam2la rasa nak makan tapi bila tengok resepi macam leceh je terus kensel.. heheheh..

So far, combination lauk yang dah masak in the last few days:
1. Telur masak kicap + ayam goreng
2. Ayam masak merah + ikan keli goreng
3. Asam pedas + telur dadar
4. Nasi goreng belacan + udang goreng kari

So, nak masak apa lagi hari ni? Hmmm.. antara yang sedang diconsider adalah berikut:

1. Nasi Ayam

2. Ayam paprik

3. Grilled chicken thighs

4. Sambal sotong

And perhaps a chocolate cake for dessert?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Have a blessed Ramadhan y'all!

My wishlist from Pasar Ramadhan:
Nasi Tomato
Nasi Kerabu
Bubur Lambuk.. slurpp...
Tepung Pelita


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

baking in glass dish

Now that  I know for sure my oven is still working, I am itching to bake a cake. I don't own any baking tin though. After successfully baked the lasagne (read: nothing was broken and no one was hospitalized after eating it) in my glass dish, I wonder if I can bake a cake in it too.. I have googled about baking in glass dish and found many positive response on it but I am just still not confident as my mom says that a drop of water could break my dear pyrex.. For someone who does not have a budget to buy a pyrex in anytime soon, that really scares me..

So, dear friends and readers (if any), kindly advise if I can bake this
in this?