Wednesday, August 4, 2010

baking in glass dish

Now that  I know for sure my oven is still working, I am itching to bake a cake. I don't own any baking tin though. After successfully baked the lasagne (read: nothing was broken and no one was hospitalized after eating it) in my glass dish, I wonder if I can bake a cake in it too.. I have googled about baking in glass dish and found many positive response on it but I am just still not confident as my mom says that a drop of water could break my dear pyrex.. For someone who does not have a budget to buy a pyrex in anytime soon, that really scares me..

So, dear friends and readers (if any), kindly advise if I can bake this
in this?


ME! said...

yes you can!
i once baked pillbury tu in my pyrex and it was ok.. i used the convention oven cum microwave thingy... so it is safe but u hv to time it right. my borwnies did not cook well in the middle.
hapy trying!

mommy kam said...

thanx farah! how abt the temp? Should i follow the instruction on the box or lower? coz i read somewhere we have to lower it by 25f.. How many celsius is that hmm~ ;p