Monday, July 26, 2010

photo album vs photobook

Adam is going to be two in a month. Just like any parents, we have many photos of him.Unfortunately, almost all of them are in digital form. We only have 2 albums of Adam as a baby. Those albums covered the first few months of Adam as a baby.

Apart from laziness, another main factor is the cost. It is very expensive to print a photo. What more if you have thousands of pictures that you need to pick from. And all of them made your baby look cute.. What a tough decision to make!

Or should I resort to photobook instead?

But with so many of them in the market, how do I know which one offers the best quality for money? And to think of the work you have to go through to organize the album before sending it to print, can make anyone give up without even trying.

Which material would be best? Which photobook has the most user friendly tools? What is the best way to organize the pictures? How long would it take to be ready? What if the quality is not as per they claim? Which pictures should I pick? How many pictures can fit into a book? How much would a book cost? And the list of questions continues...

So, anyone out there who has the experience please do share with me :)

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ME! said...

photobooks looks neater, no?
or u can resort to scrapbooking if u want. i started one for fairy and baru dpt 5 pages! from time i preggie until time kat hospital hahah