Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finger Painting!

After months of toying with the idea of having a finger painting session with Adam and weeks of asking around on how to make the paint, I finally made it! When I was cleaning the study room to make way for my cousin who is staying with me for the time being, I found a roll of mahjong paper and decided it is time to try finger painting with Adam.

After a scrumptious lunch (will blog about this soon) last Saturday, I prepared the paint and stripped Adam down. Actually I wanted to buy yellow, red and blue food colouring but yellow was out of stock so I replaced it with Orange instead.. to mommies or aunties or anyone out there who wants to make your own paint, here is how you do it..

First, you mix some flour, corn flour and water in a bowl.. (you can google for the recipe I just add in until I get the consistency that I thought was right ;p)

Then, you divide the mix into 3 other bowls for 3 different colours.. or as many bowls as you want.. I decided to use 3 colours red, blue and yellow (orange) because I remembered En Ahdan (my form 1 Arts teacher) taught us that these are the 3 basic colours (please correct me if I am wrong). You can get purple, orange, green and many other colours from these 3 colours..

I used these food colours to ensure the paint is edible in case Adam decided he is suddenly hungry and needs to eat the paint..

Just use one or two drops of the colour for each bowl.. Don't worry, the stain on your clothes will be washable :) That is if you use just a drop or two like me.. I dare not guarantee if you use too much of them.. But as precaution, just wear your oldest and darkest pair of shirt..

You will get three bowls of paint like this.. Noticed that each filled less than a quarter of the bowl? This is more than enough for a session with a toddler..

Make sure you cover your floor with newspapers, just in case...

Then, just get a large piece of paper for your child to channel his or her creativity.. I know that if you google it, many of them says get a thick paper or cardboard as the wet paint might tear the paper.. Don't worry about it.. This mahjong paper or any paper will do.. You can always dry it out later if you decide to keep it.. I did not so I don't really care :)

And now, you can start painting!!

It was not easy for me to get Adam to stamp his fingers on the paper.. He preferred to use the brush to paint his body! I hope Adam enjoyed the session because I know I did :)

Here are some pictures of Adam during the session..

At first he ran away and showed his dirty hand saying eeeeiiiiii!!!!

Eeeii!!!! My hands are dirty!!!

It was not an easy task to get him to transfer the paint onto the paper

Then he realised that it feels good to rub the paint on the paper

Hey! I can transfer it to my feet!

Adam used brush to paint the hard to get area

Finish mommy! Can I have some more please..

Let me double check if there is any left..

Thank you Mommy! I had fun!

Tadaaa! Adam's first masterpiece..

In case any of you were wondering, the paints on Adam's body were easy to clean. I just used his normal body shampoo. No need for scrubs whatsoever :)

Good luck trying!


Anonymous said...

bestnye adam ;)thanks kem for the brilliant idea on the edible colours.. very interesting & fun activity.. will plan for eham soon ;)

mommy kam said...

Ajue, kalau buat kat sec 7 ajakla Adam.. :)

Anonymous said...

ha,ah kan? berjiran tp x penah jumpe.. insyaAllah ;)