Friday, July 6, 2012

My smart aleck

Scenario 1:
M: Alamak, my tummy is aching. I need to yak.
A: oh! Go yak in the toilet mommy! Don't yak in your pants. Later, your pants dirty! Off you go mommy! Off you go!

Scenario 2:
M: Adam, can you please help mommy close the door. Please..
A: Mommy, can you please help Adam close the door. Please.. (He was playing with his train and didn't even stop to turn to me)

Scneario 3:
I was about to leave to work and woke him up. Still half asleep and didn't even open his eyes, this was our conversation:
M: Adam wake up! I'm going to work!
A: Oh. Have you got money?
M: Huh?
A: You go to work and get money?
M: Yes. I'll get money after I finish my work.
A: Ok. Then you buy me train oke Mommy, oke!

Scenario 4:
One weekend morning..
A: Wake up mommy, wake up! (He sounded panic)
M: Oh! Yes Adam, I'm awake. Why?
A: (Still panic voice) We HAVE TO go to Jusco Mommy. We HAVE TO.
M: But why?
A: So we can buy train for Adam.

Scenario 5:
One day in Mothercare..
A: Mommy, I wanna buy this. This is good. (Referring to a big box of toy)
M: But I don't have any money. Do you have any?
A: Yes!
M: Oh, you have? Where is it? Give me your money so we can buy this.
A: In your pocket.
M: Nooooo! There's no money in my pocket. (showing him my empty pockets). You don't have money so we cannot buy this.
A: I have money! It's in Daddy's pocket. (Daddy was not even with us)

Scenario 6:
A: You cannot go to work mommy. You have to stay at home.
M: But I have to go to work. If I go to work, my office will give me money. What do you wanna buy with money?
A: I wanna buy food, train, vegetables, twisties, vegetable (yes he said vege twice though he is very picky with his vege)
M: There are so many things that you wanna buy so you have to let me go to work ok.
He tried to digest what I said. Then he went into my room and came back with the small Pringles bottle that is full of 1cent coins and some rupiah.
A: Here is money mommy. It's heavy.


daddy riki said...

Awwww adam

hernie said...

adam dah pandai buat lawak innocent, haha

mommy kam said...

tula mcm2 sgt dah. nk kena start buat compilation mcm sofea :-)