Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cooking Blogs

My darling friend Nette shared a link to this awesome website this morning. My Halal Kitchen shares tips on how to prepare for Ramadhan cooking. Guess I am not the only one excited to prepare for Ramadhan cooking. The blog author shared many tips in the blog, from freezing the herbs to menu list for the whole month of Ramadhan! Amazing!

 My Halal Kitchen will definitely be one of the frequently visited site for me this Ramadhan. Last year,I referred alot to these 3 blogs for ideas on what to cook for iftar and will definitely do the same this year:

  1.  MamaFaMi's Spice n Splendour 
  2. Hanieliza's Cooking 
  3. Dapur Tanpa Sempadan 
Apart from these blogs, I hope my friends will still share pictures of their cooking in FB and Twitter like last year. Had so much fun last year trying out new recipes shared by them. Can't wait for the mouthwatering pictures and lengthy discussion on food with them. Anyway, my sister in law is coming over tonight to make Sambal Kering Ikan Bilis. If time permits, I might be making some frozen popiah too tonight. Wish me luck :)

*picture googled*

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