Thursday, January 14, 2010

Belated entry - Our New Year Eve

As mentioned in my previous posting, we spent our New Year eve at Palm Springs, PD. This is the second year we celebrated New Year here thanks to Amir and the gang who were kind enough to organise it.

The plan was to spend the New Year eve at PD then to go to Ulu Kernas, Kuala Kangsar on New Year. Travelling with a toddler is not easy and I don't think Adam would be able to appreciate the beautiful waterfall just yet. It would be hard to handle a toddler at a river stream with slippery rocks and all. So, we opted to just join the first half of the program.

We reached PD at about 9pm. Learning from last year's experience where we only get to eat at about 11pm, some of the gang went to PD earlier to set up the BBQ pit and start BBQing. When we reached there, they are all ready to be eaten :D

We welcomed the New Year eve with celebrating Bob and Che Jai's birthdays. We could only hear the sound of the fireworks but could see none at all. Last year we could see the fireworks from the place we have our BBQ. Maybe this year they have moved the firework to elsewhere.

That night, we were lucky enough to experience the lunar eclipse. At one point of the night, the river besides our BBQ area totally dried and an hour after that it was back to normal. SubhanAllah. Amazing isn't it?

Anyway, food was really great. Companies were even greater. We rarely see each other. So, after tucking the kids to sleep, the guys played cards all night long while the girls gossiping, sharing stories and learned how to play cards :p

Woke up quite early the next day as Adam forced me to play ball with him. After a great breakfast, we joined my family in A Famosa.

I hope next year we will be invited again :) So here are some pictures (credit to Che Jai) of the fun night we had :)

yummy yummy yummy food

eat, eat, eat

the setting.. cantek kan..

some of the guys kekenyangan :p

the girls playing rebut bantal with Adam

Adam blowing the candles

the birthday boys

eh eh Daddy, ada girl laa

lucky Adam got to kiss a pretty girl on New Year!

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