Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Adam at 16 months

I just realized I haven't update on Adam's progress for quite some time. Well, here are some random facts on Adam at 16 months:
  • Adam can run! Not that fast but faster than walking :p
  • Adam is much taller than his cousins Amirul and Arisya who are 3 and 4 months older than him
  • Adam weighs a hefty 14kg!
  • Adam loves noodle, spaghetti, udon and the likes..
  • Adam loves keropok so much! He loves Chipsmore too!
  • Adam can chew his spirulina two at a time :)
  • Adam used his finger to show his teeth and bat his eyelashes when he is asked to show his teeth/eyes
  • Adam can sometimes show where is his nose and hair (have to remind him by giving a hint :p)
  • Adam runs to the car door and will try to climb in the car when he sees a car door opened
  • Adam knows how to make animal sounds:
    • cats = aaaa
    • cow = boo
    • goat/sheep = baaa'
    • birds = chip chip
    • horse = make the sound with the lips, continued with eeeeeih (the opposite of what I tought him)
    • Chicken = ook ook ook
    • car/truck (erk, animal jugak ke? :p) = brrrrrroommm
  • Among his verbs:
    • Bird/chick = bebeeeeeeeek
    • All animals with horns or spots like cows = buuuu
    • Amazed of something = waaoooowwww
    • Surprised = heeek (while covering his mouth with hand) oook oow / mmmk emmmm
    • Daddy = Daajii (No Mommy yet.. huhuhuuhhu)
    • Moon = boo
    • Cartoon = boboooow
    • Nak = nananannananaaa (with his finger pointing to the thing)
  • Adam can understand if I ask him do you want your memilk? He will answer with nanananaa if he wants it.
  • Adam can raise his hands when we ask him to angkat tangan to take his shirt off
  • Adam can act on clap, pat and bye
  • Adam will dance when he hears something that resembles music even when it's not music like stirring the coffee cup, tumbuk sambal belacan etc.
  • Adam loves the mirror since forever :)
  • Adam can kick the ball with both his legs
  • Adam can eat on his own using his hand or spoon but of course half of the food will go the floor
  • Adam is still not keen to touch furry animal/soft toys
  • Adam loves to bite his Tigger's tail
  • Adam loves to play pillow snatching on the bed
  • Adam will roll on the floor if he refuse to go forward in the shopping mall
  • Adam knows how to kiss and hug
  • Adam knows how to kiss people's hand when asked to 'salam'
  • Adam has 10 teeth including 2 molars
  • Adam knows how to pretend to cry if he is scolded
  • Adam knows how to divert people's attention if he is scolded
  • Adam will shake his head if he refused to eat/drink
  • Sometimes Adam wants to be cradled to sleep
  • Adam will dance when he saw Dibo's picture or figurine
  • Adam doesn't like to share his toys with other kids - He can share with adults though
  • Adam will make eye contact when he tries to explain something to you
  • Adam has started talking gibberish
  • Adam loves reading books
  • Adam will read to people whom he thinks doesn't know how to read
  • Adam will sit on your lap if he wants you to read to him
  • Adam will sit on your lap if he loves the food you are feeding him
  • Last but not least, Adam loves both his mommy and daddy :)
16 months Adam pretending to cry :p


Anonymous said...

boleh geng dgn zara ni. asal dgr music je nak menari :p kaki joget haha. zara love animals too. maybe sbb aku suka pasang baby mcdonalds and neighborhood animals a few months back. but now asyik nak tgk upin ipin je :p

mommy kam said...

memang boleh geng sangat! adam loves animals tapi takut maybe sbb kat rumah aku xde pet so dia x exposed to animals sgt.. stakat tgk bebeerd kat langit jela.. adam belum kenal upin ipin.. kalau dah kenal pun mesti sama je macam zara ;p

dinna g said...

suke cermin tu mmg ikut mommy laa kan...

mommy kam said...

mana ada!!!!! tuduhan palsu tuh.. isshhh...