Sunday, January 31, 2010

100th post :)

On Adam..

Adam woke up early as usual this morning.. As I let him play around me in silent, suddenly, I heard him say “Milk”. I was like, am I hearing this right? My boy just asked for his milk! It was the first time ever he asked for his milk. Usually I would ask him, “Adam, do you want your milk?” and he would reply with “nak! Nak!” and accompanied by a little cry if he was really hungry for one. Other time, he would just show to the door and say “nak! Nak!” and when I opened the door, he will show to the counter where I usually mix his milk.

As we were about to leave my tailor’s place this evening, the tailor said bye bye to Adam, and for the first time ever, he said “Bebai”.. It was very clear.. usually he would just waive his hand to say goodbye.. I am so proud of my son :)

On my resolutions..
  1. Project Adam 365 is still on track.. 1 month down.. 11 months to go..
  2. So, far I managed to fast for 10 days.. another 31 days to go..
  3. On reading, I managed to finish reading only 1 book this month.. Not too bad.. my aim is to finish at least 1 book a month.. Aiming for 2 books in February :)


Anonymous said...

Aku dah habis baca 2 books. Including e-book yg ko kasi tu. Tq~~~ :D

Puasa je belum start lg adeh~

Mimi said...

Hello Mommy Kam! first time here :D nice knowing ya~ Curious, whats Adam 365? Sorry belum khatam ur blo6 hehehe. Are u planning to fast 355 days?!!

Mimi said...

Oooh okay got it! Haha silly me :D Taking snapshots of ur Adam everyday eh? Nice :D Ignore my prev question.. hehe