Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am helping a cousin to organize a family trip to Langkawi this CNY. There will be around 40 of us I guess. We were thinking of chartering a bus to Kuala Kedah, leave the bus there and take a ferry to Langkawi. In Langkawi we were thinking of renting a few 10 seaters to bring us around. Then, we will take the same bus back to KL.

We have yet to decide on the accomodation as well. As for the programmes, we might have to divide ourseleves into a few groups as there are shoppaholic, avid golfer, adventure seeker, nature lover and parents with baby among us.

I would greatly appreciate if you could give us some advice, tips or any recommendation on anything at all with regards to the trip to ensure our trip will be the greatest trip ever! Thanks!


A'a Nazzirah said...

kak kem, dont miss the island hopping! best! but not really sure can bring adam or not since the boat really2 macam bahaye gitu kalau bawak dak kecik kan. but tasik dayang bunting mmg best! if possible, pg pulau payar jugak. leh tgk ikan kat tepi2 air laut tuh. but remember, dont expose the food in front of the agresif monkeys. dorang jahat main rampas je food. but still have to bring the food before u go to the island cos beli kat island sangat la mahal. thank u :) hihi

mommy kam said...

Great! Thanks for the tips a'a! :p

Anonymous said...

kam, aku recommend ikut jeti kuala perlis coz you can try the delicious laksa perlis there! food pon lg murah. if you go back at night, leh singgah makan seafood kat kuala. ada one halal chinese restaurant. cheap n fresh seafood! yumm~

btw, pantai cenang sgt busy n byk tourist and locals. kalau nak beli souvenir mmg byk kedai tepi jalan. if you want privacy leh pergi tanjung rhu. cantik betul pantai kat situ :D

mommy kam said...

banyak nye tips nette! i love!! thanks so much..