Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Resolutions #1

As Muslim, we had just celebrated our New Year last week. Last year I did not achieve anything mainly because I did not set any goals. But for this year, I have one thing that I really wanna do. I have read somewhere that if you want to make sure you meet your goals, make your commitment in public. This way, you will feel more obliged towards your commitment. Ok, so here goes nothing. For this year I want to make sure I finish all my puasa ganti. All 41 of them. I know it's alot. I managed to fast for 2 days so far this week. So, the countdown is now at 39. Hope I could complete another 2 days this week.

How about my resolutions for 2009? Well, I am proud to say I have achieved some of my goals. Some is better than nothing right? I haven't make any resolution for 2010. Tomorrow I hope I would be able to sit down and reflect on what I have done so far and plan for next yeat. Maybe I would share it with you once I have made my decision.

In the book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", there was a story about a monk who was avery good archerer. Once, he brought his student and place a rose at the bark of a tree. Then, he asked the student to blinfold him with a cloth. He was standing only 100 feet away from the tree. The student has seen the monk strike bull's eye 300 feet from the target. The monk then drew the bow with all his energy and released the arrow, aiming at the rose. The arrow struck the oak tree, missing its mark by an embarassingly large distance. The student was curious. He thought the monk will show him one of his magical talent. Then the monk explained that you will never be able to hit a target you cannot see.

So my friends, if we want to achieve something, we have to set our goal first. Do spend a few minutes of your time to set your goal and let us together be an achiever by end of 2010 ;p


Wa@Wawek@Siti ;) said...

So true... All the best!!xoxo

Anonymous said...

Good luck Kam! Maybe I should make mine public too. We'll see. ;)

mommy kam said...

Thanx Wawek n Nette :P