Friday, December 25, 2009

~ the baking session ~

Inspired by Munirah's baking session, my cousins and I had our own baking session a few weeks ago. We baked cookies, cupcakes and chocolate cake. Even the boys had fun decorating the cookies and cupcakes.

I was surprised to see how simple it is to bake cookies! We made two batches of cookies. We divided the dough into a few portions and let our little chefs pick their favourite colour for their portion of the dough.

The kids (ok.. and teenagers) then, mould the dough and use the cookie cutter to shape the cookies. They even used their creativity to make other shapes like rugby ball and snowman!

We glazed the cookies with some coloured egg yolk first before they continued to decorate the cookies with the colourful stuff (i don't know the name of the stuff.. i think they are coloured choc rice)..

We also made hundreds of little cupcakes.. My cousins made some royal icing to decorate the cupcakes. They also used the icing to decorate some of the cookies. The cupcakes turned out great! They are fluffy enough and not too sweet. Just to my liking :)

One of our cousin requested for a chocolate cake. So we asked him to bake his own cake using the Pillsbury Devils Food Cake. He was amazed to know how simple it is to bake the cake. The rest of the cousins made fun of him and wrote "Fuad Nur Kasih" using icing on top of the cake.

Well, we had fun during the session. It was not that hard to organize and most important is, it was not that expensive.. Not only we made delicious cookies and cupcakes, we also created great memories :)


Wa@Wawek@Siti ;) said...

So so cool!!! Best2!!! =)

annie said...

bulan feb nanti buat lagi!!!!!!~

mommy kam said...

Thanx wawek! Memang bess.. especially bila gather ramai-ramai :p

annie: awak sponsor pulak k :)

Anonymous said...

omg bestnyer baking ramai2! :D
do u manage to scout for next jamie oliver? heheee~~

mommy kam said...

memang best!! i m glad that we could still gather like this even when our grandparents are not around anymore.. after they left, the family gatherings are getting lesser.. when we were small slalu main sama2 but the younger generations x sempat rasa.. at least with this kind of activity boleh hang out and create memories for them :)