Monday, December 7, 2009

Dibo Cake

I owe this entry to the kind lady who has been kind enough to accept my last minute request for the Dibo cake. The lady I was taklking about is Ms Faith of My Sugar Creations. She has been asking me for the feedback of her cake but I have yet to answer her.

Actually, I have been a frequent visitor to her blog to stalk on her work for quite some time. I first chance upon her blog when I was looking for a cake to celebrate my father's birthday and found the most beautiful golf themed cake I've ever seen.

Anyway, the Dibo cake we ordered was Moist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Garnache. It was marvelous! It was not so sweet and the taste is just great! After the party, I heated some of the cake with the microwave and eat it with vanilla ice cream. It reminds me of the cake at Chillis.. or even better!

Even better, my son recognized Dibo immediately and started dancing! The moment worth every single cent spent on the cake :)

Thanks Faith for the lovely cake and I can assure you, for the rest of the birthdays, I will surely find you :p


Anonymous said...

The cake looks so pretty. Since ko ckp sedap, Lepas ni boleh order satu ;)

Faith Lee said...

Thank you Mommy Kam for your wonderful comments on the cake. Nice photo you got too =D
Glad to know that I have stalkers, haha..
Must recommend the heating and eating with ice-cream method to my customers. Sound so yummilicious.
You should create link to your post. It's easier for your readers to copy a relevant link, like the 'tepid sponge', and tell friends ;o)

mommy kam said...

Faith dear, thanks for dropping by.. The hot choc cake with ice cream is the best! :P

Ayark.. I don't know how to create link for my post.. Will try to explore it when I have the time :p

Thanks anyway! Till today, my lil' Adam still dances right away when I show him the picture of the Dibo cake :)