Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hola! I am back! Actually banyak sangat keje nie... tapi xde mood sangat nak buat.. have been slacking off since yesterday :p Here goes:

1. Adam was hospitalized
Adam was hospitalized for a week for acute bronchitis. A follow up check done a week later showed that the phlegm was back without the nebulizer. So, Adam had to use inhaler (ventolin and ape tah lagi satu) at home :( As Adam is a big boy now (weighing 10.5kg and 80cm tall), we really had to wrestle with him whenever it's time for the inhaler.. huhuhu.. Anyway, here are some of Adam's pics in the hospital..

2. Adam can walk!
Just a few steps though. The most he walked that I have seen was 7 steps. So, I guess Annie won't have the chance to watch Adam crawling around. By the time you are back in end July, I bet Adam is already running around the house! ;p (Tue la sape suruh niat nak kick Adam's ass masa dia merangkak.. sebab tu Tuhan bagi Adam jalan cepat2 :p)

3. Hafidz is getting married!
Hafidz is getting married in end of July. Kain nak buat baju melayu Adam dah beli (supaya sama with the whole family) tapi x tau mana nak tempah.. Tadi call ada this one shop in Wisma Yakin tapi mak aih nak tempah baju Melayu Adam yang 1 meter je kain tu pun RM70 kalau jahit mesin kat leher and RM80 kalau nak tikam leher. Mahalnya! Dah nak sama mahal dengan jahit baju Mr Hubby. Anyone knows anywhere yang boleh tempah at reasonable rate? Around RM30 ke.. reasonable la kan?

4. Maid
We have a maid. Actually maid nie replacement. The previous one was sent home coz she has a fibroid. Maid baru ni alhamdulillah la kerja bagus.. Pandai layan Adam.. Masak pun OK.. Tapi masalahnya, dia mintak x potong gaji. Agent dia kat Indonesia pulak kata OK. Aishh.. Agreement with my Agent potong 3 bulan. Duit dah banyak bayar kat agent. So, discuss dengan dia, dia setujula potong 3 bulan, tapi bagi dia half a month gaji for 6 months. Sekali dia ckp gaji RM500 kan? WTF! My agent kata RM450 je. Dia kata dia dulu dah mintak dgn agent dia nak RM500. Kalau dia tau RM450 dia x mau datang. So what should I do now? Bila ckp with my agent, dia kata hantar balik aje. Amik yang lain. Sbb pandai demand mcm ni susah. She has some points. Tapi so far tengok this maid can be trusted. Keje pun ok. Should I relent and give her the additional RM50 per month? Or should I follow the agent's advice and send her back.. huhuhuh.. my worries nanti replacement entah mcm mana pulak.. boleh buat keje ke x.. boleh jaga Adam ke x.. huhuhuhu.. pening..

5. Groceries shopping
I wonder what is the average groceries expenditure for a family with 3 adults and a baby at home. Hmmmm.. all the while Mr Hubby n me x pernah buat budget properly for this. So, from 23/5 hari tu, I started to collect the groceries bill and it came up to quite a huge sum and it wasn't even 23/6 yet! The bulk of the bill went to Adam's necessities actually. His milk and diapers alone were already half of the amount spent so far. With the economics and our own tight cash flow, maybe we should start to skim down some of the stuff that we used to spend on. Cut the luxuries and stick to the necessities. Hmmm.. I guess being a parent is not as simple as I thought it would be. Having a child took up a lot of your resources - energy, time, money. But to be able to see your son smiles at you when he wakes up in the morning, to have him runs (or crawls) to you as fast as he could when he is scared, to feel him snuggling to you when he wants to sleep, every penny spent, every energy drained and every second passed are worth it. Seriously, a child is the best gift one could ever have. :D

Adam sedey kena potong rambut

Excited main laptop yang TK bagi


dinna said...

weh bila nk dtg? next wiken aku balik.

adam dok hosp cam tak sakit je. lalalala je nampaknya :P

mommy kam said...

this weekend insya allah aku bwk adam pg jumpa hilmy. Cepatnya masa berlalu! da abes pantang dah kau.. Adam mmg gembira je duk spital makan byk sampai naik setengah kilo... dia bukan reti duk diam. Temperature naik sampai 39.2c pun mengeluh sket2 je. Once turun 38.6c dah bahagia bermain2 sana sini. aku hari tu penah 38.8c pun rasa mcm dah x larat nk angkat tangan dah.. Huhuhuhuuh...

cdalan said...

lama nya tak dgr citer!!! aku mau jumpa adamo!!!

ninie said...

kemmme ko(kite) suhu badan 36.1 pun mc.

nampak gaya adam tak ikut gaye kite.

tahniah adam!!!

mommy kam said...

cda: sila la datang sa..

Ninie: 36.1 mana demam weyh.. 37 kut.. Hehheheh.. tula semoga adam teruskan sampai da besar jgn ikut perangai mommy n aunty ninie ;p

A'a Nazzirah said...

adam yang sudah macho!!!

annie said...

beshnye adam dapat laptop tk bagi...annie kecik2 dulu tgk org lain main je...nak main org punye takut rosak harta org...sob sob... =(

a mother of two said...

huh...sudah kembali...selalu je singgah tapi x berhapdet...dah lama tak singgah baru ada update :p

about the maid...emmm mine pun ada ckp nak mintak gaji rm500...itu hal dia kena settle ngan agent dia aaa...dlm contract sudah tertulis gaji dia brape...maid zaman skang ni banyak demand aaa boring! sabar je la!