Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sale! - Pampers Comfort

Last weekend, we went to Tesco Extra to get Adam's diapers. Unfortunately, Adam's usual brand was out of stock. So, Mr Hubby and me decided to purchase Pampers Comfort thinking that it must be okay since it's quite a well known brand.

Little that we know that some baby bums are just allergic to certain brand of diapers.. And price or brand doesn't even matter! Take Adam's cousin for example. He has tried Mami Poko, Huggies and all the other expensive range of other diaper brands but they just don't suit his cute little bum :p He can only wears Drypers.. No offence to Drypers fans.. I am just trying to emphasize on the pricing not the quality..

Anyway, it turns out Pampers Comfort is not suitable for our little Dadam. So, to all parents out there who swears on Pampers Comfort (Size L), you are most welcome to buy them at a discounted price. We have 2 of the 72pcs pack. One is still unopened while the other one we have used a few pcs. I am not going to mail it or anything so I would only sell to you if it is economically viable to pass you the diapers :D Any taker?


Mama Sofea said...

alaa.. Sofea dah XL..

mommy kam said...

ayark.. sayangnye.. x sabar nak tgk adek sofea pulak.. hehehe.. mesti comelll mcm sofea jugak :D

a mother of two said...

as long as the diapers are breathable sofia will wear, no matter what the brand (skang ni pakai yang murah2 jek) :)