Wednesday, January 19, 2011

missing my Adik

I was browsing through old pictures. I miss staying in the same house with my sister. I miss having our girly chat before we sleep. I miss our camwhoring session. I miss going to movies with her. I miss sharing chic lit and other story books with her. I miss our coffee session after midnight. I miss cooking Brahims with her. I miss driving to Giant to eat Kuey Teow with her. I miss her boring face when I told her my boring story. I miss our gedik time together. I miss our makeup session together. I miss our gossip hours. I miss our berangan session. I miss having her around. I really miss my Adik :'(

Way back in 2005 after one of our midnight movie session with my girlfriends.

Adik is so far away now. She has been quite busy lately with her internship and all. She's in her final year in medicine. All the on-calls tires her and she doesn't have much time to BBM me as much now. Most of my BBM to her went unreplied. I pray God to give her courage and strength to go through her days as Doktor Muda and passed all her exams with flying colour. So she'll come back and we will be together again. I love you darling!


Mimie Azman said...

ala so cuteeeee.
kenapa saya tak rindu nana pun hihihi :P

mommy kam said...

Saye cute? Tima kaseh :)

Awak x rindu nana sbb dah 24 jam bertwitter dengan nana x sempat nak rindu kut :)

Mooke said...

owh, awak tatau Mimi... Nana curhat kt saye, rindu2 awak sampai nangis2... :p

Nana Azman said...

tipuuuuuu gilaaaaaaaaa mana ada nangisssssss...hahahahahahahah

mommy kam said...

tapi adalaa sesi curhat (whatever that means) tu?

Nana Azman said...

tak ada pleaseeee..tipu2..;p

Huzairiyah Hussin said...


i know that feelings!
saya juga, dengan adik-adik saya. but i tell you what, lagi dia dah grad dan jadi MO ke housemen ke (donno the correct spelling), lagi susah dia nak spend time dengan kita.
like my youngest sister, sampai kena paksa ambik cuti barulah boleh duduk borak2. itupun kawan2 dia dah booked dia juga.

betul! kita sangat memahami. i miss the sweet old time!