Wednesday, January 12, 2011

masak - masak

The good thing of having a good and reliable broadband at home is that you can download any series or movies of your choice and watch them at your convenience. Kadang-kadang tu streaming je sebab malas nak tunggu download (tp hubby kata baik dowbnload je sbb streaming makan bandwidth)..

As now is mid season break for most of the shows that I follow, last weekend I decided to download Season 1 of Junior Masterchef Australia. Baru je tengok 5 episodes so far. Sangat gerammm tengok diorang ni kecik2 lagi dah pandai masak. My mom taught me how to cook rice when I was 11. Tu pun electric cooker je. These kids started to cook when they were only 4! Sangat kagummmm!

The episode I watched last night made the contestants to bake pie with lamb as the core ingredient. They were so good! The winner was Pierre, an 11 year old boy who cooked Lamb Wellington with Spinach and Mushroom Duxcell. Even the judges were impressed with his techniques and skills. He rolled the lamb into the pastry and baked them in the oven and it cooked to perfection. I don't think I could ever bake that. This is how the pie looks like:

Apart from their amazing capability to cook great dishes, what I like most about the show is their expression. They are so young and pure. It was amazing to watch how excited they were at each round and how happy they were supporting for each other. Unlike other reality shows where the the judges could be very harsh at times, the judges and the host for this show were very encouraging and motivating. Can't wait to watch the whole season! :)

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