Monday, January 3, 2011

Project Adam 365 : 2010

Finally! After much work and effort from everybody in my family, Project Adam 365 is finally completed. I wanna thank everybody including those who commented and like the photos in my FB because all of you has given me the strength and courage to complete it. When people asked if I want to continue in 2011, without any doubt I said no. It was not easy. Especially when I send Adam back to my hometown. I have to trouble everybody to ensure they take a photo of Adam and send it to me. Having said that, I would want to take the challenge for my next child(ren) because at the end of the day, the compilation of photos showed how your child has grown throughout the year.

To my little Adam, I hope you would understand how much you mean to me and our family. Everybody played their part to ensure our little gift for you would be a reality. You made it easy for us with all your candid action and creative act in exploring the world. You inspired us by your positive atttitude and determination in learning new things. I wish you would stay as my little baby forever :) I love you son..


p!nkerton said...

wah kem, sangat gigih ni! salute ;)
anyway, happy new year :D

BonekadalamChermin said...


adam loves u too
coz u r not only his mummy
but also his twin!

aku suka baca ni
and suka effort kau Kem


Anonymous said...

Dear Kam,
Congrats on the completion of the project 365! It is not easy ok! Patt yourself on the back for that. I don't think I can do it.

Hmm.. maybe I will start one when the 2nd baby arrived. Thanks for the inspiration and yes, adam is very creative and cute! Cheeky boy! I love his pictures ;)

Mrs Djones' Journey

mommy kam said...

thanks! hopefully i will still have the strength second baby nanti :) said...