Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review on Adam's stuff - Part 2

We meet again in Part 2.

'Lamaze' Zebra Rattle

This pic was taken when Adam was almost 2 months. Why the inverted comma? Because I am not really sure if it is a real Lamaze toy or not. I bought it at a very small store in K.Terengganu for RM9.90 if I am not mistaken. When I tried to google for the picture, could not find it in Lamaze website but found it in 1 Thailand website and in 1 local online shop. The online shop is selling it for RM29.90. 

Anyway, the zebra's legs has magnetic ends. So it could clasp together when I put it around Adams's leg. I love it because it helps Adam to exercise his tummy, neck, arm and leg. He will try to kick it off his leg and then he will try to lift his head to see what was that stupid thing Mommy put at his leg and after a few days, I noticed he tried to grab it using his hand. I believe small babies should have some exercise to strengthen their muscles instead of just lying around and sleep :)


I can't recall what brand is this playgym but I remember buying it for less than RM60 at Giant. I personally feels that every baby deserves a playgym. It allows them to exercise their legs and hands while lying on their back and exercise their neck and hand muscle when they are on their tummy. Don't worry of SID. Just make sure you are not sleeping while they are playing on their tummy. From my experience, Adam turned his head just a few minute after I put him on his tummy for the first time (he was 9 days old). 

 Adam was about 3 months in this picture. If your child seems to be bored with his/her playgym, just buy those dangling toys and add on to your existing ones and you will have a new set of friends for your little one :) I know in the market there are alot of playgym ranging from RM50 to RM300. The trick is, find one that is washable and "modifieable" (the toys can be rearranged or you can add more toys)

Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym

This is one of my favourite! Saw it at an online shop and was drooling over it for a few days before I click the 'buy' button. Was contemplating at first because it was above RM100 and what if Adam doesn't like it? Initially, Adam was not a fan of the spinning ladybird. He will cry every time I tried to put him on it. After a while, he got used to it and will spin around the mat playing with all the little toys attached to it.

You can also remove the spinning ladybird and put your baby right on top of the mat. Adam loves the mirror attached to the mat. And of course, this mat and the cover for the spinning ladybird are washable! If you haven't have one, and your baby is still small, go and get it! :) Here is the top view of the gym.

Baby Cot Mobile

Ours was a present from a family friend I guess. The original video has Adam 'talking' to the bears for more than 8 minutes! That is long enough for me to change his diaper and clothes. I found cot mobile a big help especially when you need to change baby diaper. Looking at the material I bet it was not that expensive but we love it! It's just a simple cot mobile with bears making a circle and a simple musical background. Recently, my mom and I tried to look for something simple like this but all those in Toys R Us are wayyyyy above RM100. If you found one like this at less than RM100, do give me a buzz as my sister in law is looking for one.

bebePOD plus

I can still recall this moment. Adam was trying hard to pull off the toy from the tray. I love this bebePOD as it allows baby to sit wayyy before they can sit on their own. When Adam was bigger and started eating solid food, this bebePOD helps to make sure Adam sit still throughout his meal. Kalau tak, sibukla nak merangkak sana sini. Why I chose this over Bumbo Seat? Because it is much much much softer and comfortable compared to Bumbo Seat. You can either attach the toy to the tray, or just have the tray, or you can just take off the tray. BebePOD comes in 3 different colours.

For me, the downside is its price. You can almost buy 2 bumbo seat with the price of 1 bebePOD plus. The choice is yours :)

Happy Safari Lion Mirror

Adam loves this mirror! As you might have already known, babies looove mirror! Adam still plays with this mirror till today! I was lucky I found this on sale at Mothercare. As much as Adam loves it, I don't think I would pay for its original price. Wayy to pricey for a mirror :) Maybe if I live in UK and earn in pound, than this lion is worth the price :)

Guess that would be all for today. Will do some more if I have the time :)

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