Monday, September 14, 2009

daddy's birthday present

Hi guys! It's been years since my last post and since I got not much to do in my new office, I decided to write again after the very long pause.

My birthday is on Sept 10, 8 days after Adam's. Last year I got the best birthday present ever, 8 days old Adam Harris
minus his mommy

And for this year, mommy kem bought me a lovely shirt and treat me coffee (which ended up with me paying). Thanks dear! And while having the coffee, I saw a guy with his two sweet daughters, getting into their car with shopping bags. I can't help but to think some good points of shopping with your own daughters;

1. daddy looks younger
2. no nagging
3. no need to carry the shopping bag
4. no time consuming as the girls walk faster than mommy
5. no sakit lutut or sakit pinggang (dunno why it's always happened when shop with the mommy)

So that will be my wish list for next birthday. Nak gegirl!


ninie.s. said...

spot on ricky!tapi mcm siut.

mommy kam said...

no more september birthday! too many events dekat2 abes laa duit mommy nak beli presents.. Anniversary lagi.. Huhuhuhu... Next baby's birthday kena 1st half of the year.. Tahunnya tengoklah nanti...

cdalan said...

haha! make it january dear!

daddy riki said...

nak gegirl x 2!

Anonymous said...

omg siap request 2 tu haha.. get ready kem! :p aku rasa sorang pon dah tak terkejar. letihnya kalau 2 org

Btw, Selamat Hari Raya~~
Tahun ni turn balik rumah siapa?

annie said...

daddy looks younger??? ke looks single and loving???hahahaaha