Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last night we went for Iftar at Mak's place (hubby's mom). Initially, the plan was for me n my SIL to go and cook there. But it was already late when we reached mak's house so we ended up just helping mak in the kitchen. She cooked really fast and it was yummy! She cooked sambal sotong, asam pedas, sup su'un, sawi goreng and telur dadar in less than an hour.. She didn't even taste it since she was fasting but it turns out perfect. When would I ever be able to cook like that.. I think if it was me who is cooking all the dishes, I need to start cooking at 2pm to be able to get all done before Maghrib.. Sigh~ Maybe next year my resolution should include taking up cooking class :)

After the dinner, me, Yana and Alang played Jenga. It has been ages since I last played Jenga. Used to be very good at it when I played against my siblings ages ago... When Hubby and Angah joined the game, Yana and me just watched the siblings played. It reminds me of the old time when my siblings and I used to play together over games like Jenga, Crocodile Dentist, Happy Family, Old Maid, Monopoly, Shahiba, Snap, UNO, Snakes & Ladder and so much more. It was so much fun back then.. We laughed, we teased, we supported each other and we just enjoyed the companian.

Now that Hafidz and me are already married and Syah and Adik still in Uni, we never had time to play these simple games anymore. Every time we are home, there will always be a good show on TV, or the boys are playing PS2, or some of us are online, or we just simply lazing around... Now that the family has grown bigger with hubby, Salina and Adam, I think it would be fun to start playing the games again and strengthen our bonds while we are at it. So friends, maybe this Raya, while having your lemang and ketupat, you can take out any of the board or card games and play with your family. It might turns your Raya into one of your best Raya ever :)

Will post some of the pics later..


daddy riki said...

waiting for the pics...

mommy kam said...

sabar.. Battery camera abes n belum charge lagi.. ;p

Anonymous said...

ahh.. i love board games ;) lama tak main jugak!