Thursday, September 10, 2009

happy birthday hubby!

Hubby turns 28 today. Happy birthday dear..

I only bought these two slices of cake from Secret Recipe. There were only the two of us and hubby is not much of a cake person. So I might ended up gobbling the two slices. Huhuhuh... Anyway, wishing hubby a very happy year and may Allah bless him with good health and rezeki... Love you dear..
On another note, we are going to pick up my car from the workshop this morning. There goes my duit raya budget. Huhuhuhu... Junior (my car) failed on me on Tuesday when I was at the laundrette. Had to wait for half an hour for the Allianz auto care came to jump start the battery only to be told that there was a loud noise coming from the car and it needs to be towed to the workshop. Yesterday the mechanic called and told me main touli (how do I spell this? malas nak google) broke and need to be changed. So does my battery. And the car needs to be serviced as well. Huhuhuh... Sometimes I felt like I just wanna sell the car and get a new one. But there is only one year left for the HP payment. After that, I'll be free of car loan and I plan to stay that way for at least a year before considering a new car... RM743 out of the cash flow every month is alot of money.. I can do alot of things with it.. :)
We had this for sahur this morning and also the day before. I ate it with toast. Thanks to my SIL :p Her family lives in Kuala Selangor - the land of seafood.. The prawn was so fresh and big! Lain kali hantar la lagi Yana.. :)
I am going to start a new countdown - 3 working days to go untill the BIG day.. Yeayyy!!


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mommy kam said...

ye saye cik shida..

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Riki!

Btw, kitorang pon beli kek utk Zara tp kek aiskerim haha~ Mak n ayah dia yg lebih makan :p

daddy riki said...

thnks 4 the wish