Friday, August 26, 2011

Adam will be three!

My baby will be 3 in a couple of days and we will be hosting a partayyy!!!! As ususal, it will just be a small do at my parents' place in Terengganu! So if you are in KT on 3rd Raya, we'd be honoured if you could join us to celebrate Adam the Builder's 3rd Birthday.

Owh, we had a pre-celebration earlier. Actually it was not much of a celebration, just Adam blowing the candles. The cake was meant for Adam's favourite Uncle Bo's 30th birthday but Adam blew the candles too to mark Adam is 3 in Muslim Calendar. 

Anyway, party preparation is only 30% completed. Though I  started late this year, I am quite happy with what I managed to do thus far. I am always excited to plan for Adam's party. If only we have moooore money and I am moooore creative :) Too late to change Mom, Adam! So just be happy with me ok :)

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ak yuyunz said...

hello dear,

resort tu nama dia DESA BALQIS baru bukak kt lubuk cina tp blom ramai org tau. owner dia adalah my hubs cousie.

if u seriously nak tau details, i will contact the owner or email u pasal resort tu k.

buat masa ni i have to settle pasal aisya dulu. banyak benda nak kne buat :). insyaAllah bila dah free sket nanti, i try cari info utk u..