Thursday, June 19, 2008

~ magical baby ~

i was on my way home (home means my mom's place where i am residing on weekdays until my delivery) from work.. i was tired, hungry and wanted to shishi! it was 7.30pm and from past experience, there would be at least 3 cars queing to park at my mom's place (the downside of staying in a condo).. this was when i recalled these 2 incidents.

the first one, i was driving around in ikea car park for about 10 minutes and couldn't find a single parking. jokingly, i asked my SIL (who was also pregnant) to ask our babies to pray for us to get a parking. amazingly, we found an empty space less than a minute later!

the second time, i was waiting for parking at my mom's place for about 20 minutes and remembered the first incident. so, again, i asked my baby to pray for us to get a car park and voila! someone drived out!

so, back to my story, as i reached jalan raja laut, i rubbed my baby in my tummy and asked him to pray for us to get a parking coz mommy was really tired.. upon reaching the gate, i saw there was no car queing for parking.. hmm.. good sign.. when i reached the car park.. tadaaa! an empty spot right in front of me! you can just imagine how excited i was to see it..

i have always believe that people with less sin will have better chance in getting their prayer answered compared to others who has committed more sins... so, my theory was right all along.. and of course, before you try this, you must have faith on this theory less it would not happen :)

thanks my baby! do grow up and be a good boy and always help mommy to pray for a parking eh :p

daddy dear, there you go.. my first posting.. jangan bebel dah :p


daddy riki said...

lihat! ada co-writer yang boleh dibebel sangatlah hebat~!

Nana Azman said...

suruh baby doakan alpha angel buat wayang ya..lalala

a mother of two said...

memang sangat menjadi!!! after baca ur entry kelmarin, mintak baby doakan ayah dia balik cepat2 from offshore (sebab banyak sangat issue yang mendelaykan)...semlm ayah dia da balik daaa yay!!!

mommy kam said...

tak payah ada movie pun takpe.. yang penting sales :p

lily of the valley,
tuela.. baby doa berkat sket.. hehehe.. having ur husband by ur side is comforting enough kan.. walaupun dia sebuk main game aje (in my case la :p)

daddy riki said...

wahhh wahhh...
suka la tu dapat gang.

nana : ridiculous sangat permintaan tu. yang boleh kalau mintak daddy dia dapat kereta ferrari percuma ke... menang sejuta loteri ke

ainun : part sebuk main game tu jangan percaya.