Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adam is 101 days old today!

I should have written this yesterday as it marked Adam's 100 days but only today did I realise Adam was 100 yesterday. I know I haven't written much here since the arrival of Adam. Finding time to write seems impossible. Due to my long absence from work, I had to stay back most of the weekdays to settle the accrued matters. Upon reaching home, I had to do the house chores and pump my milk. By the time I settled everything, I'd be too tired to sit and write. Weekends are spent with Adam. I just can't get enough of him :p

Anyway, Adam is a big boy now.. Here are some updates on Adam:
  • The last time we checked, on 26/11/2008, Adam weighs a whopping 5.7kg and is already 68cm tall. He gained 2kg and grew 17cm in less than 3 months!
  • Adam's vocabs include ah-gu, guuu-guuu, bbuuu-buuu, ngeekk, eeekkk, neee, and AAAgh (scream)
  • When put on his tummy, Adam can raise his top more than 45 degrees.
  • If Adam is lying down and we let him hold our fingers, he will try to get up.
  • When put onto the bath support, he will raise his head trying to sit up.
  • Adam loves to watch #613 - Playhouse Disney on Astro. Adam especially loves Pocoyo, Little Einstein, Tigger and Pooh and Dibo (mommy loves this too!)
  • While watching TV, Adam would interact with the character. He would laugh, smile and talk as if they understand him :p Oh, he would also raise his arms and legs while trying to make his point :D
  • Adam can now chuckles and laugh out loud..
  • Adam drinks a lot! Sometimes even 5oz is not enough and he drinks every 1.5 to 2 hours!
  • Adam has outgrown most of his clothes (due to his length - his clothes are still roomy but stretched at the pampers area) giving mommy more reasons to shop. Yippee!
  • Adam loves bath times but he hates cold water.
  • Adam loves to swim in the pool with his TK and Daddy but not in this monsoon season. The water is too cold for his liking.
  • To put Adam to sleep, give him his pacifier, hug him in your arms and sway around in the room. It's faster if you let him hug his beanie pillow or the blue bear.
  • Adam opens his eyes like torch light! (According to Aunty Cda)
  • When Adam could not get what he wants, he would scream and struggles in your arms while his legs making cycling motion.
  • Yesterday Adam has upgraded his diaper size to M
  • As Adam drinks more than mommy can supply, sometimes Adam had to drink the formula. Though Adam hesitated at first, he did not seem to mind anymore :p
  • Adam can turn to his back if put on his tummy. If on his back, he can turn to his sideway. Can't wait for the day he can turn from lying on his back to lie on his tummy and start crawling! :D
That's all that are on top of my mind right now. Maybe Daddy could add to the list later. Below are some of our pictures during Hafidz's engagement. Adam slept the whole time!

Mommy and Adam
Adam with Mommy and Daddy

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adam loves his daddy more. ;p