Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disposable Diaper Sack and Dispenser

A friend introduced me to diaper sack a few months back. It is so convenient! When i went to her place last weekend, she gave me a pack of diaper sack and I love it! Now I don't have to worry about changing Adam on the go as the sack really helps to contain the smell. She told me the one she bought locally cost RM12 for 12 pieces. That is damn expensive! But when her mom went to Australia recently, they bought her a few boxes of the sacks and it costs only AUD2.99 per box (200 pieces in 1 box). Sadly, she said she could not find it anywhere in Malaysia.

Maybe there are places that sell this but we are not aware of it. Any mommies out there know where can I get it?

Anyway, I googled and found this diaper sack with its dispenser. If you know where I can get this, please please please tell me as I don't think Adam will be potty trained anytime soon :)

The Diaper Sack Dispenser is great for on-the-go babies. The dispenser comes with 25 baby powder scented sacks that provide a safer and more sanitary way to dispose of diapers. Dispenser is reusable and comes with a link that can be attached to diaper bags or strollers. Refill rolls available separately. Recommended for All Ages.


MeL said...

hi there :)

i use them too, brand munchkin. u can buy at

or beli kat this one shop opposite mothercare the curve (forgotten the shops name) refill rolls pun ada jual skali..

mancet said...

haa i baru nk tanye ni sama dgn munchkin ke tak..i slalu nmpak..kt jusco pon ade kam..not that expensive..
since mel dah kata sama..i tarik balik soalan :P

mommy kam said...

thanx for the info mel and mancet.. i saw dekat online about rm27 for 3 rolls maknanye ada 36 pieces altogether la kan.. tapi x semurah AUD2.99 for 200 pieces!! :)