Thursday, May 19, 2011

Caramel Cake

I first saw this lovely cake at my cousin Nana's blog. Her housemates baked it for her birthday. So, I asked for the recipe and tried it last Friday. It was one of my colleague's last working days so I thought it would be nice to bring something for her. When I was about to bake it, I just realized we were out of eggs. We had, but it was not enough. Managed to persuade hubby to drive us to Tesco. We were home by midnight. So I looked at the recipe and saw the baking time is only an hour and the recipe seems easy.

I remember the cake was quite thick so I decided to use my springform tray as it is thicker than my other baking trays. I started with caramelizing the sugar. Easy peasy. Pour it in the springform and it hardened quite fast. So, I proceeded to make the pudding mix. Very easy as well. Then I poured into the springform. Oh no!!!! the pudding mix came out from the bottom of the pan! My springform leaked! Dang! Panic attack! So I quickly poured the mix back into the mixing bowl. It was already 12.30am and I was cursing debating with myself whether should I continue or just call it a night. But there were 7 eggs in the pudding mix and it would be a waste! So I decided to divide the mix into 2 and use 2 baking trays.

So again, by 1.15am I was done caramelizing the sugars and poured them into 2 baking trays. I continued to prepare the cake mix and then divide both pudding and cake mix into 2 and pour into the trays. As my oven can only fit in 1 tray at a time, both cakes were only ready at 3 am! Put the first tray into the fridge and the other one I just let it cool down in the oven and brought both to the office in the morning.

The caramel cakes were thin but nice! Glad my friend loved it. She has been a good friend and she deserves the lovely cake for her farewell :)

Decided to bake another one after that. I bought a new cake tin and glad it turned out well. Just the right thickness though I think it could have been better if I have a new oven. As I mentioned before, my oven's heat is not balance. Enough with the ramblings, here is the recipe for the yummy caramel cake. Seriously easy. Give it a try!

Caramel Cake
7 biji Telur 
1 cawan Susu fullcream
1cawan penuh gula
3/4 cawan air
Sikit vanila essense

10sudu besar gula

1 cawan tepung gandum
3 biji telur
250g butter
3/4 cawan gula
1/2 cawan air
Vanilla essense
1 sudu kecil soda bikarbonat 

1.(Untuk caramel) panas 10sudu besar gula dalam baking tray,api slow and gaul. Bila dah perang, angkat tray.

2.(Puding) gaul semua bahan sampai sebati. Tuang dalam baking tray tadi.

3. (Cake) pukul butter and gula sampai kembang.letak bahan lain. Bila sebati, letak jugak dalam baking tray.adunan cake akan terapung,so masukkan slowly dlm baking tray.

4.Letak baking tray dalam tray yg diisi air sebelum bakar. Bakar dlm api 180deg sampai masak (about 1 hour)..:) 

P/s: I found out that springform is not suitable for pudding mix hence the mess. So, I don't have to throw my springform :)


Farah said... feveret oven pon heat die tak balance buat i nyampah nak bakar2.

Anonymous said...

Yeayy nak try!!

Anonymous said...

would love to try this!! insyaAllah.. tp xtau bila, huhu.. said...