Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tea Party

A couple of days ago, a dear friend, Uderq, posted a few pictures of her cute daughter, Mawaddah, having a tea party with her stuffed friends. Last night, Adam had his own tea party with his stuffed friend, boyly (apa lawan pada girly? manly org tua kut?) way.

Noticed the cheerios on the carpet? He asked for the cheerios from me so innocently I opened the lid cause I thought he was hungry. He took two fistful of the cheerios and spread it on the carpet. Then he made the penguin pecked the cheerio from the carpet. Oh, of course he eats from the carpet too that's why I called it his tea party :D


daddy riki said...

boyish la kan?

mommy kam said...

boyish opposite to girlish n manish.. :D

girlie, manly, womanly tapi boyly/ie xde? x aci sungguh..

madam teacher said...

alahai.. cutenye adam. mommy kene beli tea set la kt die lps ni. kite panggil sesi 'mengeteh'. br nampak 'boyly'. heheheh

Anonymous said...

hahaha... adam is so cute! tea party atas carpet tu~ Zara now pandai sembang dgn imaginary friend dia. pot pet pot pet.. mcm2 nama keluar, farish la, adam la, balkish la.. nama budak2 kat nursery kut tu haha.. kuat berangan sungguh :p