Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Are you where you think you'd be 10 years ago?

Just had a lunch with my friend and this topic came up. Honestly, if 10 years-ago-me can see me today, she'd feel disappointed.

Career wise, I am nowhere I thought I'd be. I always imagine I would be one of those high flyers climbing up the corporate ladder and has all the professional degrees under my belt. You know, those with their perfectly tailored power suit and the most beautiful Birkin walking down Wall Street.

 Physical, totally out! 10 years-ago-me would cry to see how I have grown ;p

Marriage, well, I get to marry the love of my life so that would make 10-years-ago-me happy. Children, I thought I'd have two by now, a cute girl and a boy but if she gets to see Adam, I'm sure she'd be happy. Who wouldn't right?

But if you ask me, is there anything I'd change? Well, apart from being more careful with my diet and exercise more, I'd proudly tell my 10 years-ago-me I am really happy to be where I am now.

Despite earning half than what I thought I would, I am happy with the path I chose. After Raya, I'll start my new career 5km from home! I am not as ambitious as I was before. So long it allows me to earn good money (at least good enough for me to buy things that I want without asking from anyone), provides me with some intellectual challenges and allows me to go home after the hours ended, I am in!

The miscarriage I had a few months back made me feel so grateful I am lucky enough to at least have Adam. Not everyone is that lucky.It made me realise that we can always ask for it but it's up to Him cause He knows best. 10 years-ago-me would not understand that. I used to think that if we work hard enough, than we will get what we want. But life ain't that easy babe!

My priorities, hopes and dreams have changed a lot in the past 10 years. It has made me wiser and appreciate my life more. Perfect ife is not all about money and all the Birkins and Christian Louboutin you can buy with it, it is about how it makes you feel at heart. So long you have a peace of mind and happy at heart, you are living your life just like I am today. So, if I get to see my 10 years-ago-me, I'd tell her not to be disappointed as this is the life I chose and I have no regret :)

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