Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year

Holiday mood is definitely ON! No mood to work and most of my customers are already on leave hence two entries for today.

The first time my father's siblings organized a family getaway was in 2009. As it was a last minute decision, my aunty finally managed to book a few villas at Swiss Villas, Lumut. I was told they have yet to launch the villas then so we were the first occupants to some of the villas. Most of my aunties, uncles and cousins joined the trip. Adam and my cousin's daughter, Arisya were the only babies then. As most of my uncles are avid golfer, it was definitely a golf trip for them. My hubby joined them and caught the golf bug since. For the rest of us, the days were spent at the beach, spa and catching up with each other. I really enjoyed it.

having fun at the beach

some of us after dinner

almost 4 months Adam's first trip

In 2010, my uncles and aunties requested for another trip. My cousin Jihana, did a great job in organizing the trip. And for the first time, the 2nd generation (those that has started working) SALEZA* paid for ourselves. That made the trip more meaningful as we took charge to make sure we get the service we paid for. This time we had 3 babies from the 3rd generation including Adam. We took a bus to Kuala Perlis on the eve of Chinese New Year and then took a ferry to Langkawi. Though the travel agent sucks, we made sure we enjoyed ourselves. We stayed at Bella Vista, Langkawi. The highlight of the trip was the boat trip and annual dinner. The theme for the dinner was "roaring 60s". It was fun to see my uncles and cousins performed during the dinner. Such a great trip overall.

this was fun! the water was so clear

my father and uncles performing with the girls as backup

the boys performing with the uncles as backup

1 year 4 months Adam

Tomorrow, we will be heading to the 3rd SALEZA annual trip and this year it will be in..

Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy your long weekend! I'm sure I would enjoy mine :)

*SALEZA is actually the name of my late grandparents's house and it is a combination of their name. Wan Salleh and Zainah. We refer to our parents as the 1st Generation and us cuzzies as the 2nd Generation. Adam and the rest of his second cousins are SALEZA 3rd Generation :)